Thursday, July 12, 2012

Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' in a Container

Last August I planted 'Hot Papaya' in a half whiskey barrel. It overwintered beautifully and I was so happy to see over a dozen buds on it this year.  It is advertised as Unique and Sizzling Hot... firey shade of red. When they all burst into bloom on July 6, I was disappointed.

 The flowers on mine were plain and uninspiring.  The center did not resemble a pompom.
On July 8th, I felt better to see that the flowers had begun to form the drooping-petal shape I expected, but I would not call the color "firey and intense".

Day 3: Now this is more like it! ... drooping petals, hot red color emerges, pompom begins to stand out.

Day 6:
Love the color, love the it all!  I can now declare that 'Hot Papaya' performs just as advertised.  If you like bold, get this one.

7/15/12 Update

'Hot Papaya's' pompom changes to the color on papaya flesh as it ages.  This flower is 9 days old:


  1. Zoey, WOWSER!!!!! That is one hot papaya and I want one!!! How pretty it would look planted near the fresh pristine shasta daisy! I am enjoying your gardening efforts as my owna re pretty pathetic!

  2. It's a beautiful Echinacea. If I was still getting perennials this would be one I would have to have. Fantastic photos Zoey.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Glad to here of a new cone that's not a disaster. So many have been rushed to market I have seen some bad reviews Always happens whben there's a big opportunity, the breeders are like a bull at a gate to get at least something out there. Very nice pix.

  4. Ahh...they were just babies ready to pop! Very, very awesome flowers. I love that garnet red too.


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