Monday, July 2, 2012

Side Deck Gardens - lots of Lychnis Coronaria

Here are some of the gardens around each side of my deck.  I don't do much work in these gardens  as the following pictures will prove:
There is a lot grass in this one.  I must say, those seeds heads look better than what my ornamental grasses put out! Unfortunately the only thing to do when grass infests this badly is...
Dig everything out and throw it away. Now I have a big bare area.  I plan to just let it sit bare until I need a spot when I divide something.

On side two of the deck, lychnis coronaria is just putting out its bright magenta blooms.

Just this morning I removed lychnis from the bigger gardens, as those bright flowers clash with everything else.

but in the deck side garden, I let it reseed as much as it wants to. 
 I have planted a lot of the somewhat invasive silver artemesia here, too.  I like it with purple spiderwort.

I also have a lot of other flowers in this area, like the tall butterfly bush and the sunlit phlox in the foreground  that is almost ready to bloom. 
I will show you more of these gardens as things began to bloom.
While doing come clean up chores, I cut down these poppy seed heads to save for accents in my fresh floral bouquets.   I like to use them in fall bouquets.

I did a lot of garden work over the weekend.  Among other things, I moved these Forever & Ever hydrangeas that I planted in 2008.

Yes, they are 4 years old and puny as can be!  They should be 3 ft. x 3 ft.   In a good year, one of them gets a flower or two. It's sad.  I decided to move them right at the front of the border so they are not hidden by other flowers.  Hopefully, they will like this better.  Does anyone else have problems with Forever & Ever? 


  1. I like that artemesia and have some of it here also. I can't even contain it in a container--but it looks so good with so many things so I just keep pulling it up when it appears somewhere it shouldn't. I'll put up with a pretty plant, but my gosh, did I have a time with that aegopodium and those orange ditch lilies. I'm getting real close to using RoundUp.......

  2. I bought a few Forever and Evers about three years ago, and all but one died the first year. The third is hanging on, but has never really grown beyond its original (small) size, and it has never formed blooms that I've seen. Frustrating!

  3. Can't believe all the hard work you've been doing. Way too hot for that. I know how you feel about the Forever and Ever though. Finally took mine out last year completely. They always came back from the root, but just small and wanted something bigger there. Just wasn't worth it. Looks like yours might do a little better for you though.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  4. I don't know how you get all that gardening done. It is way to hot here to even be outside, let alone do any gardening.

  5. Zoey- You have done a lot of work this Season! Amazing, really. Your gardens are all just beautiful. I don't know if I ever asked you (I probably have but I don't remember) what part of MI you live in).

    I don't know a thing about that hydrangea but I hope they do better now that you have moved them.

    Blessings- I hope you had a wonderful day- xo Diana


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