Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bells of Ireland

I finally have a successful seed.  Yes, singular, only one.  The really odd thing is I planted the annual seeds in 2011. They spent the winter outside in the whiskey barrel.

   Today I discovered that what I thought was a weed, was a Bell of Ireland flower!
The lime green cup shapes are why people grow these, but they actually do get a very tiny white flower inside the cups, as you see here a few days later:

 It's one of those weird flowers I wanted to grow just because its so different. I wanted to use them in some bouquets.  Unfortunately I need more than one for that. At least it bloomed  right in the front so I could discover it.   Maybe there is still hope for the red sunflower seeds I planted there this year.  I will have to look for them next July. :)


  1. To have any seed grow this year I think it's a plus. This heat started so early and with no rain that I think most seeds dried out before they could start.

    Cher Sunray Gardens

  2. Isn't nature funny? These are so pretty in bouquets....maybe next year you can try it again and get more than one.

  3. Isn't it fun to find surprises in the garden. I have a couple of sunflowers that sprouted from seeds the birds dropped.

  4. What a wonderful surprise when nature fools us like that. It is an amazing looking flower Zoey.

  5. What a nice surprise! I love plants this color.

  6. I have tried several times to grow those. I have always loved them and they dry beautifully. What a sweet surprise that was, huh? xo Diana


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