Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tango Lilies

The asiatic lilies in theTango series are among my favorite plants. The main characteristic of Tango lilies is their two toned petals.  It looks like a big gob of dark paint was put in the center of the flower. As the petals open in the hot sun the paint flows outward  until only a few speckles are left clinging to the tips.

This beauty is 'Olina'. She is a striking red with a nearly-black center.

I just planted 'Lionheart' this year.  This one also has a black center:

'Capuchino' with cream colored petals & brown-red sprinkles.  I bought two sets of 'Capuchino' in different years. This one has nearly white petals.

While this one is more creamy. What's not to love about either?  They are both outstanding.

Tangerine-orange petals with brown flecks are the markings of 'Kentucky'.

My favorite named Tango lily is 'Dot Com'.

What blogger would not love that name? 'Dot Com' is light pink with a dark red center. 

This is my only dwarf tango and it's called 'Four You'. I don't really get the name with the numerical spelling.  Nonetheless, I enjoy this peach-colored shorty with burgundy freckles.

'Four You' is not really much shorter than my others this year.  They all seem shorter than normal, as do many of my other flowers. I have no idea why.  Have any of you noticed that?

I have not found that these lilies spread rapidly as they are advertised to do.  In fact, I have lost a few and gained none for the past five years or so since I planted the first bulbs.  I was really hoping to get a large mass of each, but it does not look like that is going to happen any time soon.

I am watering my parched gardens.  I write for a few minutes and then run out to drag the hose to another area.  Hate, hate having to water after I get home from work.  I know most of you are in the same boat, if not worse, so I will stop complaining.  :)


  1. Zoey- Gorgeous pictures AGAIN. I am doing some heavy watering, too. It is awful, isn't it? xo Diana

  2. Not only is it pretty at your house, but with those lilies I bet it's very fragrance!

  3. You know I love lilies and these are so gorgeous! Sorry they aren't spreading. Is the ground soft where there are planted? Not sure if that's a factor. I have lost a few over the years and they could be a little bushier.


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