Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, Hairy Allium, Where are You?

Yesterday afternoon I went in search of the hairy allium that I purchased last fall.

I first checked out my "New Plantings" computer photo file to see where I planted the bulbs.

Ah, ha, right next to this rock.

That means these few long green scapes (grasslike stuff) must be the missing allium.
I see no bud yet and I only see three plants. I planted 7 bulbs. They should look like this:

Yes, I was into the ugly plants last fall when I made my order. I thought these would be so interesting in a flower bouquet. I wonder if they will even flower (if you call that thing a flower). :)

Actually I still find them outrageously interesting and I do hope mine look just like this picture.
I think that they should be about ready to bloom, but am not sure, so I google them. I am happy to find that they don't bloom until later, so I am still hopeful that I will get something from these scapes.
Did you know that alliums are just flowering onions?

Yes, onions, leeks, garlic, scallions, shallots and these are all in the same family.

Last fall I also planted some new poppies. I know that this is a new one and I am ecstatic to see this bud. I wonder what color it will be? I can't remember how many of these I planted and what colors.
Thankfully I save this stuff in a binder and when I found and opened the binder, the info I wanted was right on top where I stuck it last fall.

Here are the poppies planted.
It looks like there were only six, which makes me very happy because I know where all six are and they all came up.

I was very worried that I had hit some of the new ones with Roundup early this spring. At $5 per root, I am so glad that I did not do that!

My Monsella tulips have just about taken their last breath for 2009. As they sputter to their end, the chives (another allium) are just about to bloom behind them.

There is also a good-sized poppy behind the chives. It should be one of my good orange ones. If you are a long time reader, you may remember that I have "good" poppies and "bad" poppies. I am trying to get rid of the invasive "bad" orange ones. It is proving to be nearly impossible. Even the areas I hit 4 times last year with Roundup still have them almost ready to bloom! I think they will outlive me.


  1. Oh this is so much fun! I really hope someday I can establish a garden like this for myself!

  2. I want more poppies, but I am have trouble getting any color but orange established. This year I planted 4 more peach, one reddish-orange, and one picotee. Wish me luck.

    I always like checking out what you have going on in your garden. I've taken at least one idea from your garden - creeping phlox! And lots of it!

  3. soon as I saw this plant that you call 'ugly plant' I thought this must belong to the onion family and then as I continued to read it is what you said! It does look unique and will add some interest to your garden.
    I love even the 'bad poppies' but know how invasive and hard they are to get rid of.
    Looking forward to 'watching' your garden grow..I chuckled when you said you didn't know where you planted what, good thing you keep records! I have a small garden and need to keep records or just wait to see what comes up.

  4. Hi Zoey,
    It's good to catch up on you. Your garden is always a visual pleasure to visit and truly an inspiration.


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