Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's getting pretty Colorful in my Backyard

I am getting a lot more tulips to tiptoe through.

These bright red and orange-striped Greigii Kiev's are one of my favorites.

They are a lot smaller this year than they were their first year. I am just glad they came back.

I am tempted to pick them for a flower arrangement. I hate to leave a big bare spot, though. I wish tulips lasted longer.

Looking through the cherry tree branches.

Yesterday afternoon we got the deck stained. We finally had an opening of decent weather between the rain.

I will probably begin bringing out plants this week.


  1. I couldn't help hearing that song while reading "Tiptoe THROUGH the tulips, la-da-datta, ladeedee..." I don't know the words. A really old lady (probably in her 80s) performed this song on stage for a talent show once and I've never forgotten seeing her little old skinny legs tiptoeing around the stage. She was so cute! Great to see the flowers and excited about the deck!

  2. I've got an award at my blog for you again---drop by to get it whenever you'd like. :)

  3. I think tulips are so pretty and also wished they stayed around longer-same with peonies. I like your bi-colored ones!

  4. Those orangey yellow tulips are gorgeous..yes I too wish they would bloom longer!
    Your deck looks great..do you stain it every year?

  5. All of your beautiful tulips intrigue me to want to plant some of my own.


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