Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Have Never Seen This on my Deck Before

And I hope I never see it again!
My deck is over 4 feet off the ground. It never occured to me that these guys would slither right on up the steps or lattice walls. Now whenever I go out there to lounge around, I will have one eye opened to watch for snakes.

We had planned to stain the deck Saturday, but it was cold and rainy again. This is the third weekend in a row that we have had to postpone the staining.

I started this runner on Friday and finished it early Saturday morning. I decided to entertain myself with a photo op among the tulips in the rockwall garden.

Here is the Bumex tulip today. It's turning red.

Doesn't it look like a big claw?

I think it should open fully tomorrow.


  1. Wow! That's quite the scary creature! And that runner is lovely amongst the flowers- and I'm SO excited to see that monster in full bloom! Happy Sunday!

  2. Oh Zoey..I would not care to find that on my deck either. Never thought about me the shivers. My son on the other hand would be overjoyed to find a snake on his deck, he loves those slithery things!
    That is one interesting flower opening up..

  3. Looks like a garter snake...gee, did you take any pots on or off the deck? I think we had a snake living in a flowerpot that got taken down the basement. He got woken up by a warm spell and came out on Thanksgiving. The cat got him!
    Those are really unique tulips!

  4. eekkk I don't like your flowers and photo op....I had a hard time deciding if I should cut my Gerber Daisys and bring them inside to enjoy or keep them outside...I brought them in and I'm glad I did...I only have one it doesn't produce alot of blooms..I have pressed a few in a book to keep...

  5. Garter snake. He's pretty harmless. That's a tiny one, too.

    Welcome him, he eats pests.

    And I bet he skedaddled real quick when you took his pic.


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