Friday, May 15, 2009

I Have Some Blooms

In spite of the cold temps and with very little effort on my part, the garden is awakening.

These Monsella tulips began opening earlier in the week.
Primroses always provide a bright spot among the phlox before it turns into a sea of purple.
I was very excited to see these little uglies. Last year I bought six Blumex tulips for the sheer pleasure of seeing a deformed tulip bloom in my garden.

These tulips are very unusual. Look, they even have little pricky things on the outside.

I can't wait to see it fully opened.
I remember now that I also purchased some of those hairy alliums, but I can't remember where I planted them.
I hope it's a decent weekend so I can get out there and give the gardens some much needed attention.


  1. Oh yay! Happy flowers! My anticipation builds with those unusual flowers. Can't wait to see them open!

  2. Zoe,

    they are really pretty...

  3. I like the deformed tulips. Can't wait to see the bloom!

  4. I am so looking forward to your spring and summer garden photos. Thank-you for taking them.

  5. Very pretty Monsella tulips..I'm waiting to see what happens with those deformed tulips!

  6. I love those flowers, it feels summer has come:)


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