Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Magazines are Losing Their Allure

It may just be that my tastes have changed, but I can hardly find a magazine worth reading any more.

The cover of this issue of MS Living was an immediate turn off.

Look at that green faux-painted chest. It looks like the 1970's faux-grained brush strokes that I thought we were finally rid of. There is nothing I find appealing on this cover.

The mag sat around for 3 weeks before I even picked it up to read.

After perusing it twice, I found just one page to keep before tossing it in the garbage.

This recipe for these colorful Strawberry Shortcake jellies. They are made in a teacup with a splash of gelatin to get the nice red rounded top. I don't know if they taste good, but I find them visually appealing and they will look great as a dessert on one of my tables... nice, neat and sculptural.

The problem would be making them in quantity. Who has 24 of the same size teacup to make an average batch of cookies? Not even me and you all know that I have more than the average amount of dishes, cups, glasses, etc.

My second problem is that I tore out this page thinking the recipe was up there on the top, but, alas, there is no recipe. You had to go to the "recipe section" to get the recipe. Boy, I hate that! This page has plenty of blank space to put the recipe.

So here I sit holding the one worthy idea in that entire magazine, but no directions to actually make it.

Some days are the cookie, other days are just the crumbs.


  1. Hmmm...I like the faux texture painting-not sure about the wood grain on the dresser, but it surely has possibilities in a smaller, more naturally colored scale. I think the MSL magazine runs parallel with her show-they've had segments on both the faux texture painting and the shortcake that you mentioned. The faux silk is really pretty.
    I just think MSL is the best magazine out there and have almost every issue since its inception.

  2. Hi Zoey! I found your blog while googling cannas! I recently received 3 of the "bulbs" from an acquaintance. I've never cared for them before. I live in SE Michigan (Macomb County) so I'm book marking your blog to follow the other perrenials you have success with.
    Anyhoo... back to the cannas.... I see you have success with growing them in containers... I'm debating the best area in my garden (or on my large front porch, southern exposure) to place them.
    Anyway, I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog!

    :c ) Carolyn

  3. Ahh but the crumbs are often the best! grin
    Oh well..sometimes a magazine is just a dud.
    I love those little teacup desserts but alas never that many teacups in my house! Other cups might the recipe and who knows, it may may right there at your fingertips!!

  4. You know, I no longer have a magazine subscription of any kind. I look through them at the doctor's office, the hair dresser, etc. Then go to the magazine's web site.
    I read enough blogs to get all the tips, hints and recipes I want.

  5. I don't know what happened to my comment yesterday. I had 3 long paragraphs.

    Now I will just have to say thanks Dianne, Betty, and Patti for taking the time to comment and
    a big welcome to Carolyn. It's nice to have another Michigander aboard!

  6. I'm in the process of decluttering and that includes sending all my collections of magazines to the recycle center! I am keeping a very few of my gardening ones, however.

    I'm also not renewing many of my subscriptions as I can read most of them at the library.


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