Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Blooming Blumex

This is the Blumex tulip I have been showing you on its journey from bud to yesterday's full bloom.
It's been a fun journey for me. I expected something more weird looking.

Here is one of its siblings. This one is a bit more unusual.

I also planted some Hot Pants tulips last fall. They have not bloomed yet. I think they are my first tulips with multiple buds on each stem. They should have a purple/white striped flower.

I worked outside for quite a few hours yesterday removing grass from all of creeping phlox (I am off work this week). It will be in complete flower in a couple of days and I had to get it photo worthy.

I pulled the old dilapidated birdhouse from behind the rockwall to stage this photo.

I love to use old pieces of junk to make a more interesting background.

Betty asked me if we stain the deck every year.
It only took us about an hour to do.


  1. OFF WORK ALL WEEK?!?! You lucky bird.
    Yes we also try to stain our deck every year. This year it's stained mud from our black Lab. Not the kind of stain I really want.
    Tulips are long finished here in Missouri.
    Enjoy your outside time and your creative sewing time this week!

  2. I guess they still have to look like tulips, correct? : )
    Going visiting today and outside work the rest of the week. Had to recover from sleeping on an air mattress-never again with the way my poor back is.
    Thanks for sharing your tulips!

  3. YAY! So pretty! What a lovely huge flower. :)


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