Tuesday, October 14, 2008

World Class Service

On occasion I rant about poor customer service, so I when I get exceptional service, I feel I must shout company praise to the entire blogosphere.

I recently showed you the Hot Pants tulip bulbs that I received from BRECK's Company. They were pretty tiny, one shriveled up, and a couple blemished.

I sent Breck's an email last Thursday with a picture. I did not demand any money back or a reorder. I simply wrote this:

I received an order today. I am not very happy these Hotpants tulip bulbs. I do not believe they are top quality and top size as they were advertised. Please look at the attached pictures and see if you think a replacement order should be made.

Thank you,
This morning there was an email in my inbox:
Thank you for your email. While we try to make every effort to ensure that the items you order are of the highest quality, shipped to you in a timely manner, and with the best service, occasionally we stumble. Please accept our apology for any inconvenience we may have caused you, and we ask that you consider giving us one more opportunity to provide you with world class service. A reship has been issued for the item(s) requested.
Following the this email was another with a confirmation number for the shipment that went out yesterday.
Wow! That is truly Wold class service!

While leafing through their catalog, I came across a Helenium named 'Lollipop', that I just love.

Isn't this a unique flower? I would love to have it for bouquets next year. It reminds me of a tall eyeball (Spilanthes) plant.

I must remember this one for next year. It can be ordered as plants from Brecks, or if you prefer to plant seeds, they say it will flower the same year. It needs full sun and a lot of water.


  1. Good to hear that there are companies who 'stand behind' their products!
    I love the 'eyeball plant'..I agree, those flowers sure would look great in bouquets. But honestly Zoey..are you thinking spring already?? hehe

  2. Glad you are getting new bulbs. They want you to be happy and to continue ordering from them.
    I've never seen flowers like the eyeball plants! Awesome!!

  3. It's nice to give a thumbs up to companies that provide good service.
    They seem to be becoming more rare these days.

  4. Hello Zoey, Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this flower and I have never seen it before and the very best part it is deer resistant. VBG I will have to persue buying it next year. Hugs Judy in Western Michigan


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