Thursday, October 9, 2008

Do You Use Your Public Library?

I used to be there so often (at least twice a week) that the librarians knew me by name. A couple of them still do, but since I my internet addiction disease has spread over the past decade, I have been going to the library much less often.

I still love to read, I just have little time to do so during the summer months.

Now that I am settling into the cold-weather months, I am ready to snuggle under one of my quilts and while away a Sunday afternoon with a fun, easy-to-get-lost-in book.

Today I went online and ordered a few books. If you have not been to the library lately, you must check this out. It’s so convenient. Just a few clicks of the mouse and I had five books on hold. As you can see in the picture above, I am #1 in the holding position for all five of them. None of these books are at my own library. That’s the beauty of this service. They order the books from other libraries that have them on their shelves. It usually takes less than a week to get the book.

There is no charge -- no postage--nada. At least at my library it costs nothing more than the tax dollars you already pay to support your library.

I had a Breck's tulip bulb order sitting on the porch when I got home today.

I am not very happy with these bulbs. They are tiny and this one looks all dried up and blemished.

There is a big old blemish on the one in the back, too.

Do you think these bulbs look like size 12+? Would you be disappointed with these?


  1. We have a similar library system here which I rarely use as you know I have my own library. ; ) My mom buys a bunch of paperbacks and often lends them to me. There's a great place in her hometown where most of the books are $1-$3 (used) where she goes. We've been to the big warehouse of the store-one of the biggest used book places I've seen.
    I'd complain about the bulbs if you aren't happy with them-they do look small.

    You can order from them too!

  3. Hi Zoey,
    Loved catching up on all your news and seeing the pictures from your outing!
    We have a very similar library system here too. They email when the book you request is available.
    They recently changed from a 2 to 3 week check out time, so we go every 3 weeks.

  4. You don't know me, i just wanted to recommend a book-Peace Like a River, by Leif Enger. MI love the library, and this is my favorite contemporary fiction for seversl years running

  5. Dianne, I am using the library and not buying books because I have way too many. I rarely read a novel more than once, so I don't want to buy one and have to find a shelf for it. I am trying to only buy reference or pattern books that I will use all the time.

    Susie, Mine is three weeks, too. I like that much better.

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have already been checking it out. It has some very good reviews!

  6. Hi Zoey!
    I also mainly collect only non-fiction (crafts/reference) and don't keep novels either. I wanted to share the Harvest Book addy in case you were looking for something. : )

  7. Di, I appreciate the link! I will be checking it out as soon as can.


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