Sunday, October 12, 2008

Early Morning Golden Glow

Yesterday morning when I went out at 8:00 a.m. the light was casting a beautiful glow through the rockwall garden.

I just had to see if I could capture the moment and ran back inside to get my camera.

The light is hitting the yellow maple leaves just right and gives a golden glow behind the Burning Bush.

Here is the full shot of the picture to the left.

Doesn't it almost look like it's on fire back there?

Here is the view from the deck.

Just to the left of that arbor I have some asters blooming around the bird house with an old wheelbarrow that I left sitting there the last time I was working in that area.

This view is from my bedroom window. I thought the dying foliage looked pretty nice at that particular moment. Today I am working on cutting all this stuff down. I will never get it all, but every little bit is less that I will have to do next spring.


  1. You captured some great photos, Zoey and yes it does look like there is fire!
    Oh my there is a lot of work for you to do today but I like your attitude about it all..

  2. What colorful photos! And what a great job you did yesterday on the deck. That's my project today,so it will be a long day and I won't be able to move tomorrow!

  3. Love the brightest in your photos. Great autumn shots!
    It's nice here, but I have yet to go outside as I had piles of clothes to put away and am zombie like-lol.

  4. You captured the light beautifully! It's not always easy to do that, is it?
    Your fall garden still looks pretty here. I suppose most of the color has gone by now, except maybe the burning bush. That's such a great color!
    We had 4" of snow last week (Tues & Wed) and lost power, phones (except local service) and internet. It was a nasty couple of days.
    You did a great job with the containers. I'm still working on mine. It seems like a never-ending job!


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