Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I am all Set for a Potluck

I had an hour to kill before an appointment after work yesterday.

With my latest Joanne flyer in hand, I headed for the Wilton aisle.

Who doesn't make cupcakes and then wonder how to store them without the frosting getting all messed up? Heaven forbid if you have to take them someplace.

Well, now I am the owner of a cupcake tote and best of all, it was 50% off.

The really cool thing about this one is if you turn it over,
you get a mini cupcake tote. It also totes a sheet cake, so it's a 3 in 1. What a deal for $10!

Then to make sure my cupcakes are potluck worthy, I bought this little cupcake decorating kit. Another 50% off, so it was only $4.

Now I can never go into a fabric store without buying fabric if it's marked down to an almost give away price. How about this?
I know. It's either butt ugly or gorgeous. It depends on the angle I look at it. :) I am just positive that I will find the perfect use for this. It was $9.99/yd, marked down to $1.50/yd.

I bought what was left on the bolt--about 5.5 yards. Here's a close up, which looks better. Don't you just love the manly plaid fabric with the floral overlay?

I always bought 3 yds. of another fabric.

And this apron pattern.

I got ALL of this stuff for $31!!!

It must be Christmas and nobody told me!


  1. Hi Zoey,
    Love the cupcake tote. Now I can't wait to see your decorated cupcakes and what you make from the floral/plaid fabric!

  2. Zoey, That cupcake tote is perfect. What a bargain! The fabric is certainly interesting. I've seen you make great items out of strange fabric before so I can't wait to see what you do with it. Don't you just love bargain shopping? Jean

  3. If this is Christmas how come nobody told me?? hehe Good purchases Zoey!

  4. I have a Tupperware cake tote, but the one for cupcakes is great! I remember the girl on 'The Office' (Jenna Fisher) was on Rachael Ray last year and brought a cupcake tote her sister came up with.
    I have some apron patterns, but was looking for some vintage style fabric to use for them.
    Anyway, great buys!

  5. Don't you just love these kind of sales:-) I saw those cupcake totes before and thought they were a great idea but I didn't want to pay the full price for it so I'm waiting for them to go on sale! I just love that cupcake decorating kit as well:-) xoxo


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