Friday, October 10, 2008

A Dud Evening

I have been home from work for over 4 hours and have done nothing other than heat up leftovers for dinner.

Usually I would be sewing or maybe doing some fall decorating. For some reason I am energyless tonight. I have been on the sofa watching a Project Runaway marathon.

I had a busy day at work and spent a few hours on my feet atop some 2.75-inch heels. If I had known I would be standing so much, I would have brought other shoes. The kitchen needed some help plating the dessert for a luncheon of 170 people. So me and another person did the decorative plates. We first put a big squiggle of red syrup on the plate--like this: Then the cake was sliced and one piece was placed on top of each plate. A delicate dollop of whipped cream is piped to the side. A mint leaf is placed on the whipped cream and chocolate chips are scattered across the plate.

Did I mention that we did 170 of these? That's a lot of cake and it took way longer than I thought it would.

I am the person who sells these events, menus, etc. After plating all of these desserts, I can see why the cooks are not always happy when I bring back a function sheet with a ton of individually-plated desserts!

Then the group wanted us to release the tables individually to go to the buffet. So I did that which meant another hour standing on the heels, chatting with everyone as we waited... It took each table of 10 forever to go through the line. I guess they were just stunned by all that fabulous food! I went back to every table and asked if they enjoyed their lunch and every single person loved the meal. That was great and pretty unusual for 170 people. . . and don't think they would hesitate to tell me if they didn't like something.

Anyway that was my day. Hopefully I am more energetic tomorrow as I have a ton of work to do putting all the plants to bed for the winter.


  1. I think you deserve a dud evening Zoey! Wow I haven't worn heels in many a year and am wondering how you do it!
    That dessert sounds I'm hungry..
    A good night's sleep and you will be raring to get at those plants tomorrow.

  2. Seems you are a multi-tasker at work! My feet would have definitely been complaining on high heels.
    We had a buffet for my 30th high school reunion. They started serving it a little on the late side (this was last Nov.) and we were closest to it, though the host started at the other side of the room and the lines moved so slow. I was starving by the time it was our turn and the food was so-so.

  3. Betty, you were right. I am loaded with energy today!

    Dianne, I am a multi-task type person. That's why I can't ever just watch tv without feeling like I've wasted the night.
    Buffets are NOT my favorite type of meal. In fact, I really dislike them and almost never have them in a restaurant. Most of my customers, though, prefer them.

    In retrospect, I wish we would have had two buffet lines. I think it took way too long for that group. Did you have one line or two at your reunion? Approx. how many people? Just wondering how others do it.


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