Saturday, October 11, 2008

All Refreshed after the Dud Evening

8:00 a.m.

10:00 a.m.


I feel very good having it all cut down and ready to be stored for the winter. I have to give DH most of the credit. He did a ton of work. I cut everything down and he hauled it away. I think he hauled 6 wheelbarrow loads.

It was very tough for me to dig out all of the hosta I used this year. The roots really grew and embedded themselves firmly into the containers. I don't think I will do that next year. I had to use a shovel and cut through (thus ruining) quite a few canna and dahlia tubers.

DH made this to dry my tubers, bulbs, etc. It's great because the air can circulate so well. I only remove the tubers from the whiskey barrels because they stay outside all winter.

All the rest stay right in their containers. We are waiting a while longer before putting everything in the crawl space because it's still too warm. We really have not had a good hard frost yet, but this is the only weekend I plan to stay home to take care of all this.
All of these containers will get stored just as they are, which makes for easy planting next spring. Around June 1, I will just pull them out and begin watering. In the meantime I will no absolutely nothing. They won't even be watered until June.

All of the furniture has been washed with bleach and is going to sit out to dry until tomorrow. It's supposed to be a nice day again tomorrow so we hope to get it all put away then.
I plan to putter around a bit more cutting down perennials. I will be so much happier next spring if I can get most of it cut down now.

We will toss a couple of steak on the grill as a little reward for all our hard work today. After dinner we are going to my MIL's for cake/ice cream (it's her birthday today).

All in all I am having a wonderful day. I hope you are, too.


  1. Wow, Zoey, great job! Pat on the back to you and you hubby for tackling this.

    Our vegetable garden is on our weekend list of "todos". I want it all cleaned out and ready for spring. I don't have many containers, so not much work there. I have watched yours all summer and am thinking I need to add a few more.

  2. Congrats to you and hubby! That is a lot of work!! You deserve steak and ice cream.

  3. Good morning, Debbie, I think we were both giving ourselves pats on the back. We both felt pretty good about our accomplishment. I hope to get a good chunk more done today.

    Betty, don't forget the cake, too! :)

  4. Wow-look at that! It's so sad you have only from June until October. I bet you would have some gorgeous gardens also in a place like Florida.I can say that, as I don't think I'd be happy in Florida as it's too hot there in the summer. Maybe you feel the same way?
    On Saturday, I separated iris rhizomes and Bri cleaned out the veggie garden and trimmed butterfly bushes and a Myrtle bush. Still have stuff to do. I thank goodness I have the rest of the week to do it.


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