Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday at Home

After a 9:00 a.m. breakfast at the local golf club with DH's family (11 of us), I have been home puttering all day.

Spurred on by my recent black frame painting success, I sprayed 8 picture frames, one large mirror and a lazy Susan in the same gloss black color. It's a cheap easy way to make a big change in your decor. I only spent $4 on the paint for all of this.
Now I just have to decide where to hang everything and get DH to help me hang them.

I have been working a little on these 6-inch squares. I am throwing around the idea of making a Christmas tree skirt from them. I have 12 made so far. I would need quite a few more and they take longer than I thought to sew. There are 17 pieces in each 6-inch block.

Here a 8 of them put together in one setting. I am going to make a few more and play around with them to decide if I will continue on or stop where I am and make a table runner.
I get a lot of use out of the table runners I have been making all year. Just a few weeks ago I finished this one and have already used it at least three times.

It's hanging over my long kitchen counter now with this pumpkin display. Yesterday it was out on the deck for dinner. I rearranged the deck and set a little autumn table for dinner for two.

After dinner I brought it and the pumpkin centerpiece inside. Today I changed the deck table setting to this one which uses my quilts from last year. I missed them. :) This is the first time I've had them out since last year.
Whenever I took a coffee break, I sat out here to enjoy the last remnants of warm weather. Yesterday it was near 80 degrees, today I am not even sure if we hit 60.
I think that length of orange poka dot fabric goes nicely with my centerpiece.

I walked around today and took a few pictures of fading flowers. Bee Balm is one of those flowers that looks nice even as it's dying. I hope I look half as good on my way out.

My sedum has turned from it's pink color to a deep Burgundy. I noticed that all the bees have left it since it turned colors. I don't think I have ever noticed that before.

It's about time for me to check my meatloaf in the oven. We are having mashed potatoes and spaghetti squash with it for dinner tonight. It will be my 1st spaghetti squash of the year and mashed potatoes are a treat because I only make them about four times a year.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. Oh there you are and with a siggie at the end too! : )
    Your gloss black looks nice! I want to do a quick spray paint of the little desk I have before it gets too cold.
    Your gardens behind your painting are neat as a pin. Mine are full of weeds and I decided that's ok.
    All your quilts are so colorful and you incorporate them well with your decor. So nice to set a special table for you and DH.
    Thanks for stopping by and your nice comments. Family issues are the pits. I did that one post as I know bro #2 (Bri said that's a good ID for him-lol) reads my blog now and then. One day it will sink in their thick skulls that mom needs help and TLC.

  2. Everything is so colorful over here! Love all you fall arrangements and the table runners. Those first squares would make a lovely tree skirt but it sounds like a lot of work. Love the deep color of the sedum. Jean

  3. What a coincidence that you should mention not noticing any bees around your Sedum since the colour changed on them...I noticed the same thing yesterday!! I happened to be walking by them and noticed how much darker the flowers had gotten and then noticed there were no bees around, when before all you saw were bees!

    How I wish I could have lunch on your deck with the way you decorated the table! All of your quilts, runners, etc are just gorgeous. xoxo

  4. I was thinking the same thing..that my sedum doesn't have all those bees buzzing around. I thought maybe it was the cooler weather. I see sedum all over our neighbourhood, it seems to be a favorite with many.
    Your dinner sounds yummy, I love meatloaf and spaghetti squash. You really don't make mashed potatoes more than 4 times a year??

  5. That's funny that we all noticed the bees left our sedum when they turned dark red! Apparently the sweetness fades at that point, but they look prettier to us. I just noticed mine yesterday too. Your deck looks so inviting!

  6. Sounds like a busy but fun Sunday.
    Your gardens always look so nice. You must love sitting out on the deck and enjoying the sights!

  7. Dianne, The gardens behind are not really all that neat/tidy. There is a lot of stuff that needs cutting down. I will probably not get to it until spring unless the weekend weather is nice.

    Hi Jean, Yeah, I think it is going to be too much work. I am still puttering around with it, but I doubt if it will be a tree skirt.

    Pea, Betty & Msrobin, It sure is strange that we all noticed that at the same time. I've been growing Sedum for years and I don't remember noticing that before! Maybe it was just warmer this year, so I was out and about at just the right time.

    Yes, Betty, I really don't make mashed potatoes very often. DH rarely eats gravy, so that is probably why.

    Susie, I sure do, but I think my sitting on the deck days may be over until next year. It's getting pretty cold now. I will be taking it all down soon.


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