Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hiking, Waterfalls, Opera, Micro brew & Appletinis

I had a another great weekend. After work Friday, DH and I took off for two nights in the upper peninsula.

On Saturday morning we got up and headed for Tahquamenon State Park. The park is in Paradise, MI. We try to get there once a year. It's a six-hour round trip, so we always make a weekend out of it.You can see by these pics where the name Paradise came from. It's one of the more beautiful spots in Michigan. There is quite a lot of walking involved in getting to the falls. Look at DH holding up this tree for me to pass. :) There are two areas with a lot of steps (94 at one place and 116 steps at the other). Here is DH doing jumping jacks to show hot fit he is while climbing all the steps....such a comedian.
Here he is after the walk enjoying some micro brew in the outdoor pavilion.
We were disappointed that there was not more fall color--just a few reds showing. We are thinking of going again in two weeks, because that should be peak color. Another big event for the weekend was attending a performance called, "An evening of Opera", by a Canadian singer, E*lt*on L*a*mm*ie. Prior to the dinner show, I enjoyed an appletini--my current favorite libation.

We loved the dinner opera event. As a person who couldn't carry a tune to save her life, I am amazed someone can do things like this with their voice. I did some research and found out he was the winner of an IDOL-like show searching for Canada's next Opera Star.

Dinner was a baked chicken half, asparagus, scalloped potatoes, salad and raspberry crumble. I only got one picture of them meal. The pic does not do it justice, it was really quite good.

I've mentioned many times how I love to read, but only have the time when we travel.
This time I read Considering Kate, a Nora Roberts novel. It's an enjoyable read and a short novel compared to that last 600-page one I read.

All in all, we had a great time and can't wait for the next getaway.


  1. I thought you went away! Was it your anniversary as I noticed 'somewhere' you use 9-18. : )
    Yeah for you walking up all the steps at the falls! It's like me with the lighthouse (228 steps), but yours looked more enjoyable. Your DH is funny!
    What a beautiful voice the singer had. Do you put * in names so your blog isn't located in a search?
    I'm itchy for a getaway. We want to go see Sean some weekend-also a terrible trip-about 7 hours round trip.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Zoey,
    What a beautiful area to escape to!
    Love the photos and the dinner shows looks (and sounds) like a great evening.
    I love little mini getaways!

  3. Great getaway for you and hubby, Zoey. Loved your pics! You almost had me when I read half baked chicken..what?? Oh I know you mean half a chicken but I imagined it half done for just a moment..hehe, silly me!

  4. Yep, you had me going with the half baked thing for a moment too! Your trip looks like it was great fun. H and I love to do hiking trips, as well.

  5. Looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend. The photos are already beautiful but in a coupleweeks they will be stunning! Cute shots of your hubby! Jean

  6. Hi Dianne, No, not an anniversary weekemd. Yes, that is why I put the * in. Those steps were not bad gong down, but they were killers on the way back up!

    Hi Susie, Yes, it was a lovely weekend. I know you enjoy the same kind of weekends with your DH.

    LOL, Betty & Giddy. I need to get in there and change that! A little word like "a" makes all the difference! Giddy, I always think of you when I go to areas like that because your part of the world has such beautiful scenery.

    Jean, I hope I can get back for some fall oolor pictures.

  7. Wow, I'd forgotten how beautiful the Tahquamenon Falls are. Haven't seen them for 25 years. They're even better wrapped in fall colors!

  8. Thanks so much for joining my followers! You will also love that traffic thingee. It's fun to see where people are from who reads it. Even other countries!

    As for the Martha Blog, it was last week sometime. You'd have to go back and see her older post.

    Your weekend out looked wonderful! Hubby loves good too!

  9. Osagebluff, I am tempted to ask how you know,
    ........but I am pretty sure you mean hubby "looks" good, too???? LOL. :)


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