Saturday, September 13, 2008


Now you see the Sedum...

Now you don't

Early this morning while it was still cold enough that the bees were not covering the sedum, I took a shovel and lifted it out of both barrels.
It was overtaking everything in the barrels, the pink was a clash with the dark orange and I didn't like all the bees, so I found a new home for the two giant plants. I placed them in the Arbor Gardens flanking my newest path. (The path that won't be done until next year because I ran out of pavers.) They look much better with their own kind--pinks and purples. Here they are viewed from the second long garden across the grass walkway. I put a few of the 'Chopsticks' crocosmia in each barrel (I think they may look quite nice with the orange dahlias and some big Tropicanna Black next year).
Then I dropped one of my big lushly-blooming containers in the empty spot. The containers used to sit at the foot of the barrels.
Look you can't even tell I removed anything. I always plant extra containers because they are great to redo big containers if something dies out or, like me, you just want a change.

Unless you look very closely and then you can see the rim of the container.

Here's the second barrel, which looks very much like the first one.

Oh, I forgot to show you my side yard with -- guess what?--MORE SEDUM!

September is certainly Sedum month at my house!

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  1. That was quick! You've already made room for them. I'm glad you're so excited. Me too! I can't wait to see what they'll look like in the containers next year.


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