Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jean, Is this a foxglove? and I Planted all the Crocosmia Corms

Jean, I was pretty excited today when I came across these. Do you think they look like they could be foxgloves from the seeds you sent me? I see four or five clumps in the area where I planted them.

I sure hope they are foxgloves. I could probably separate these. Would now be the time?

I am afraid the Rose of Sharon you sent me may have died. I see only six sticks rising from the soil. All of the leaves are gone and I can't tell if there is any life. I will leave them until next year because the stress of their long journey and new planting may have sent them into early dormancy for the winter.

But just in case they don't survive, I bought this at Wally's yesterday. As soon as I saw it, I thought of the starts you sent and I couldn't resist. This is the same plant, isn't it? It's Red Heart Althea (hibiscus).

I also planted all of the crocosmia corms from Chopsticks.

While researching, I discovered that they are corms, not bulbs. If like me, you have never heard this one pronounced, it's kro-KOS-mee-uh. Way back on June 17, 2005, I posted about a site that provides audio pronunciation of flower names. I still go there now and then to hear the name of flowers that I am not familiar with. It's worth another menion for new readers. The site is Fine Gardening's Pronunciation Guide. Give it a try. I bet you will love it.

The corms are planted in each section where the shovel is. I put only about 5 in each area. The three areas in my main garden are planted in a triangle.

This post is mainly for me to remember next year where I put the new plants. I have learned to take pictures because it's a given that I will forget within a week.

This is a colchium popping up. These bulbs came from another blogging friend who wishes to remain anonymous. They are in this area where I spent the summer killing off sedum coral carpet. Yesterday I raked all the dead debris up. Luckily they were underground and survived all the Round Up applications it took to get rid of the sedum. This area used to be full of creeping phlox, but it all had to be sacrificed to get rid of the coral carpet sedum. I am still not rid of it, but I've made a good start in this area.


  1. Yes,Zoey...that is a foxglove and a Rose of them both!

  2. I also was going to say that it was foxglove..I love those flowers, they are so pretty!
    I am enjoying your garden, Zoey..

  3. I hope you don't mind me butting in here...but go ahead and plant the rose of sharon. Leave it for a good two or three years before you give up on it. I thought my starts were dead and this year (actually, four years later)...voila...growth AND blooms. I'm so excited! And so glad I didn't give up on them!

  4. YEA!!! Those are definately foxgloves! It should be okay to separate them now. They should still have time to get used to the new spot before winter. Remember they are biennial but let's hope this year counts as the first year. The Rose of Sharon looks the same. Don't give up on the others until full summer. They are very slow to get started in the spring. I am so excited, can't wait until spring now!! Jean

  5. I was going to say that the leaves to Foxgloves look longer and pointer from my google search, but you know what you planted and where and everyone says they are! : )
    Good luck with your new plants. Love the Rose of Sharon-have about 4 or bushes that were here when we moved in.

  6. Well, it seems we all think they are foxgloves, so they must be.

    Catherine, you are not butting in at all! I am glad to know it took a few years. Now I won't pull my lifeless sticks out.

    Suzy, Betty, Jean and Dianne, thank you all for your input! Now that I know what they are, I just have to get them through the winter. Jean, I am hoping this counts as year 1, too!

  7. My colchicums are blooming, too. How ya' doing, Zoey? I've been working hard on my garden this summer.


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