Sunday, September 7, 2008

Painted Seed Heads

Remember those daylily seed heads I used in a bouquet earlier this year?

After the bouquet died, I kept the seed heads. They eventually dried and opened up and turned a brown color. Personally I am not fond of that dead brownish color, so today I decided to paint them black. I have a set of black dishes, so black is a good color to incorporate into my centerpieces. I will probably use these for a Halloween table in October.

I stick them in floral foam before I paint them. It's easier to paint a lot at one time by holding and turning the foam and then I can just leave them in the foam to dry like this:

Once I painted them, I decided I may as well paint the allium & poppy seed heads that dried themselves after I left them on top of the china cabinet after the fresh bouquet died. I painted these a Burgundy color since that's the only spray paint I could find in the basement. I wanted to use up the entire can of paint, so I went looking for other dead flower seed heads. I found these summer phlox heads (the big tall things) that I think may make good filler for some bouquet.

I finally finished reading my book yesterday when we took an overnight trip to the UP.

I also did a fall dining table Friday night. As has become my new routine, I have posted all the specifics about this table on Tablescaping.

Now I must go make a salad for our grilled hamburger dinner.

I hope you all had a great weekend.

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  1. I like the burgundy with the orange! Your tablescape really makes me want so crisp, fall days. : )


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