Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bet You Never Expected Me to Have a Pastel Garden

Have you noticed how my fall garden changes from the summer hot reds and oranges to pastel pinks and yellows?

I love both color schemes so I have been working at making a complete change from summer to fall. I think I have it backwards, but all that pink sedum sort of controls what else I can plant with it. Today I noticed some purple with the first day of bloom for the fall asters. I also have some hot pink asters. These are the flowers that I have been digging out by the wheelbarrow load to toss in the wooded area. They are very weedy, but I do like the flower. It comes at a time when I really need something new to flower.
Remember my butterfly bush that was not doing very well? It did produce a few blooms, but it's half the size it should be. Hopefully next year will be better. Please ignore that hose hanging down. I just finished watering the deck and didn't feel like running up there to move it before taking this pic.

In today's mail I got a big Spring Hill envelope full of individual pages of flowers. I just HATE getting these individual pages! There must be two dozen of them printed front and back. Whatever happened to a nice catalog that I can leaf through without papers falling all over?
I don't care what kind of discount they are offering. I don't want to waste my valuable free time trying to sort through all of this, so into the garbage it all went.
Is it just me or do you guys also hate this type of advertising?

I finished painting my picture frame tonight. It did need a bit of touch up. There are always little places on the inside that I didn't quite hit with the spray paint.
Now it's done and on the wall.

At the moment I am liking it.


  1. Your gardens look so nice and I like the colors! I had to move all my coleus and a few other plants under my evergreen out front because of chestnut burrs falling down.
    Your framed piece looks great!

  2. Your fall garden is looking lovely! Sedums are always refreshing and welcome in the garden this time of year.

  3. Your gardens are looking so good with the Fall flowers, no matter what colour! Yesterday I was thinking of you...I was out in the my flowerbeds removing and replanting some of my flowers and wondering if Zoey was doing the same thing! lol We had frost yesterday morning and all my potted plants got affected so I had to dispose of those too. My muscles are still sore today after all that work yesterday...especially from pulling out 3 Bleeding Heart plants. Those roots go DEEP! Ugh! Love the picture frame you painted, goes really well with the picture! xoxo

  4. You have a lot still in bloom. I like brights, but guess I am more a pastel person. The same goes with my quilting, when I think about it.

    I didn't even see the hose until you mentioned it!

  5. Your frame looks nice, and I love the picture. Very autumnal! Do you know who painted it? Those advertising leaflets are annoying aren't they? Can you recycle them instead of throwing them away? I hate to see all that paper in the trash! LOL I enjoy your Michigan garden blog because I'm a former Michigander myself, for 43 years. Now we're Buckeyes, can you believe it?


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