Friday, September 12, 2008

Crocosmia 'Chopsticks'

Yesterday I received this delightful package of Crocosmia bulbs from Wandering Chopsticks, who has a very popular food blog of the same name. The bulbs originally came from her mother's Oregon garden. Just look at this picture of them growing at her Mom's home. Simply Stunning!

Since I am a total crocosmia novice, I have been researching a little this morning . Judging from the picture, these may be "Lucifer", but since I am not sure, mine will be called "Chopsticks".

Because Chopsticks is from sunny California, I assumed these were tropical bulbs and would not survive my harsh winter temperatures. What a surprise when she emailed that her mom leaves hers in the ground all winter in Oregon. After a short time researching, I find that many Michiganders do the same. That makes me even happier. This weekend I will spend a bit of time finding just the right place to plant them.

Thank you again, Wandering Chopsticks. The little card you sent with them could not be more perfect for a gardener. I read that these are a favorite among florists, so I am sure they will be fun to work with in bouquets. I will be eagerly awaiting next year's bloom.

This week, DH came home from the grocery store with one of my listed items--cornstarch.

I was surprised and delighted by the new Argo container.

It is such an improvement over the old box. The new mouth is large enough to stick a small measuring cup in and should be much less messy than the cardboard box.

Sometimes the smallest things make me so happy!


  1. Zoey, The Crocosmia are a beautiful color! They should be lovely in arrangements. Love how your quilt came out. Simply lovely! Jean

  2. I want that cornstarch container. Bug free. Awesome. Then I want your husband. Mine doesn't even know what the inside of a grocery store looks like.

  3. I planted some orange crocosmia under a Japanese maple last year and they bloomed beautifully for me. I do believe the red ones are Lucifers. Chopstick's are huge.
    Finally a good cornstarch container. I found that cornstarch is a good I am sensitive too and have switched back to flour to thicken gravy.

  4. Geez, that makes sense. That's what I get for talking to my DH while typing! I meant to say it's a good thickening agent, but I am sensitive to it.

  5. Hi Jean,
    I hope mine look half as good as Chopstick's mother's look. Thank you for the nice quilt comment.

    Osagebluffquilter, I can't stop laughing over your comment. I think I will keep him for a while longer. He was a bachelor for 39 years so he was accustomed to grocery shopping long before he met me. . . and I certainly did not want to take that hobby away from him. LOL

    I don't remember seeing orange crocosmia on your blog. Did you post pictures of it this year? How much sun did yours get?

  6. I've never even heard of Crocosmia so I had to Google it and found out it's in the Iris family. I learn something new every day! lol No doubt you were thrilled to get these bulbs and I do wish you luck growing them:-)

    I hope they soon start putting our cornstarch in jars instead of boxes! We don't even have the Argo brand here...our most popular one is called "Canada" Corn Starch..makes sense eh? lol xoxo

  7. I'm not sure if I blogged about the flowers, but I think I did. ; )
    Here's a link to the photo and there is another one there too:

  8. Pea, I did the same thing to find out what they were. It took me two days to figure out how to pronounce it!

    Dianne, Thanks for directing me to your pic. Cool flower! I think I will have fun with it.

  9. Haha! Oh no, that photo was taken on the Oregon coast. My mom's garden is nice but not like that. :P She says the bulbs multiply so quickly she thins them out and tosses them each year. She grew a tomato upside down, growing out of the bottom of a pot. It's very cool. I took pictures but have to sort through more than 1,000 photos from last week so it'll be a while!

  10. Oh, good, then I won't have to feel bad if mine don't turn out to look quite so lush! LOL. My friend grows the upside down tomatoes for her FIL. I have never tried it. Maybe someday.

  11. Oh, good, then I won't have to feel bad if mine don't turn out to look quite so lush! LOL. My friend grows the upside down tomatoes for her FIL. I have never tried it. Maybe someday.

  12. Zoey - Be careful with Lucifer - it is aptly named - the very devil to get rid of if it likes the new digs. One good thing is that it does not travel by underground roots like the Obedience Plant (my other thug)and the bulbs are easy to discard. Fabulous in arrangements and I can't wait to see how you use it in a container. Love,

  13. Oh, dear, Willow. I will have to keep a close eye on it! I also have that Obedience plant and am having quite a time getting rid of it. I just dug out more of it this past weekend.
    Thanks for the comment!


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