Thursday, September 4, 2008

Forever & Ever Hydrangeas are Blooming

You may recall that I bought three marked down hydrangeas at Walmart this summer. I am happy to report that all three are doing well.
These will only get about 2.5 feet tall at maturity and 3 feet wide. I like this one best. They call it blue, but it's really purple.
What I really want hydrangeas for is to dry them. I love the big puffy heads in winter arrangements, wreaths, or even on a Christmas tree. I hope my plants produce more flowers next year.
This poor plant is not faring nearly as well. I forget to go out there and water it. It's now toast. That's OK. In about a month I will be getting rid of them all anyway.

I've been busy all week. So far I have had no time to read, but I did cut off the long duster jacket. I like it much better 7 inches shorter. I have also completed two sides of the 'Roses are Red, Borders are Blue' binding. I am doing it by hand--no more machine binding for me. It should be on my bed by next Monday. I spent two nights working outside and tonight I baked a cake.

I have been staying up later than usual for over a week now because I am hooked on the political convention speeches. Last week I was glued to the tube until close to midnight with Hill, Bill and Barack. Last night I had to stay awake to find out about Governor Palin. Tonight I simply must see what McCain will say to keep the new found campaign flames burning. I am glad this is the last speech because I need my sleep! Five a.m. comes quickly when you stay up until midnight.

Have you all been watching these speeches? I love to watch and listen to a good speaker and they are all masters of the art.

Well, now I must go and watch Bill O'Reilly as he is airing an interview with Obama from earlier today.


  1. I'm glad your hydrangeas are blooming nicely. I think they are so pretty and romantic.
    I've only watched the convention here and there last week. I had more of an interest in Joe Biden as he's from near here. Politicians in general are blow hards. ; )
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's been a very long day here. I think things are going to have to change soon or my sanity is in question. ; )

  2. Both hydrangea are pretty but I really like the purple one too.

  3. I was babysitting my neighbor's yard while she was away for 10 days on vacation. She has beautiful Endless Summer Hydrangeas, and as my "payment" for watering her garden, I pinched a bit of the hydrangea. It is now rooted and looks as though it may even try to bloom before first frost sets in.

    I too, am a bit bleary eyed after watching the convention speeches. Since I'm an early riser, I'm really happy they are over.

  4. Love your Bio !!
    Sounds like someone I know.

    Still reading....


  5. I'd much rather sleep than listen to politicians talking! lol Here in Canada we've just been told that we will have a Federal election on October 14th and I cringed...I so detest all the campaigning! Ugh!

    I love your hydrangeas! I had bought a plant from WalMart as well at the beginning of summer and I got 4 blooms on it so it's a good start! Hopefully it will grow bigger and have lots more flowers on it next year!!

    It's cold and raining here today so my plants are starting to look like that one you show in the picture. lol My faerie garden flowers are still blooming like crazy, I guess because that garden is protected by the big pine tree it's planted under.

    Take care my friend. xoxo


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