Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Kitchen Windows have been Bare for the Past Month

I took the winter/holiday curtains down and have not replaced them because I want to make something different.

I have had this Simplicity 4973 pattern for quite some time.

I am always buying valance patterns when Joanne's has their .99 pattern sales. Most of them never make it out of the envelope. :)

But this cool weather puts me in a sewing mood.

Look! Not only have I removed it from the envelope, but I have even cut the pattern out.

I was surprised to find that only one piece is needed for each style. The envelope says, "Easy", but I wasn't expecting it to be that easy!

When I got home from work I went to the basement to rummage in the fabric bins to see if I had anything suitable. Finally I found two fabrics that I thought would work. I cut out two sections and sewed them together. It was just as easy as the pattern claimed....really, this pattern is a beginner's dream.

In about two hours, I had six sections sewn and pressed. I still need to sew the casing for the rod pocket and do a bit of embellishing....buttons, tassels or something.....but here they are so far:

I guess you can't really see the fabric pattern/color (at least not on my monitor). I will post a better pic when I get them all gussied up. I still have to make 4 more panels for a second window.


  1. This is so cute Zoey! I did a similar design for my daughter's kitchen window. I used cloth napkins hung at that angle and made the casing across the top. She saw the idea in a magazine and it looks very "country" I love how yours looks!

  2. Clever girl! Did you get that rain mixed with snow yesterday? It's been raining off and on here for a few days, but I've still managed to get into the garden each day.

  3. Thanks, Susie. I've seen the ones made with napkins. A lot of time they just pin them on and there is no sewing involved at all. They are cute, too.

    Giddy, It rained a bit and was in the mid 30's, but no snow. This weekend is high 50's, so I hope to get outside then.

    You must be an early riser, like me. Even on my days off I get up early.

  4. The poultry theme is lovely.

    I too have a new found passion for perrinials. I have showcased some of my flower today. Please stop by for a visit.

    I have really enjoyed visiting your blog.

  5. Love the new curtains, Zoey. I've been thinking about doing something new and fresh with my kitchen window curtain.
    But that will have to wait as gardening is the top priority now!
    Gorgeous day so the visit to the greenhouse will be a treat!

  6. So pretty! Just think of the options now if they are that easy to sew up. Aren't you glad you decided to make some?
    I made the curtains for my back door a few years ago. Nothing like custom made curtains!

  7. Your curtains look great! I also made some curtains today for my niece, 3 valances for her 1 st apartment. she is 21 yrs old and moved 100 miles from home. Aren't you glad spring is finally letting the flowers bloom? Have a great Memorial Day weekend.


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