Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Care for a Goose Egg Omlette?

This weekend, while walking along the beach, my boss (fondly referred to in this blog as the "Big Kahuna") came across this goose. At first he thought she was dead as she lay with her head completely down on the ground.

As he walked closer, she suddenly jumped up to see what danger lurked. Ah, she's sitting on three eggs.
She raised her head high and appeared to be squawking.
Then she spread those menacing wings and lunged toward the Big Kahuna.

The blurred image indicates that the Big K may have been just a tad scared as he quickly jumped out of mama's way!

I don't blame him, I would have been scared, too!

At work today we had a large patriotic-themed Luncheon banquet. I thought the room looked nice enough to take a picture.

The decorations were easy and inexpensive. I think if someone was having a 4th of July or an election day home party they could do very similar decorations. The flags were just stuck in a wine glass with mylar shreds. A few days prior, the flags were rolled around the stick and secured with rubber bands so when they were opened today, they stayed a bit rolled. Very nicely done, in my humble opinion.


  1. Silly goose! I know what they are about as we used to raise geese. Don't mess with a mother goose who's sitting on her nest of eggs. Actually don't mess with a goose at any time!! I usually made it to the barn from the house before the geese got to me..had good practise to become a sprinter!
    By the way, that would be quite the omelette don't you think?
    Beautiful patriotic table setting..

  2. Ha! I loved your comment in the word balloon. : ) I thought for sure you actually ate a goose egg omelet. I just tried calamari yesterday-only a little piece as my brother had it as an appetizer. Tasted like chicken a little.
    That is a very patriotic looking room! My older brother was born on July 4th, so we always appreciated the red, white and blue!


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