Thursday, May 29, 2008

Once every 2 Years, This Crabapple is Stunning!

So every 104 weeks, it produces almost a week of gorgeous blooms.

Every now and then during the preceding 103 weeks with no blooms, I consider cutting it down and redoing that area. Then it blooms and I change my mind.

We have frost again this morning.

Yesterday I left all the coverings on the plants, so I should be all set. I hope I don't remove the blankets only to find that, like Betty's tomatoes, everything was hit anyway. How frustrating that must have been, Betty.


  1. Great photo of your crabapple in bloom. Like you, I am very patient with plants and rarely replace them. I feel so kindly toward all of my growing things, so my advice is KEEP the gorgeous tree :)

  2. Wow..that is an amazing crabapple tree, the blooms are worth the wait!
    Yes Zoey it is frustrating but that was our only night of frost. So far anyway.

  3. Hi Zoey! Long time no see; and I love you header with the beautiful tulpis. My DH also re-stained out deck too. We have to keep them busy, huh?

  4. That is one gorgeous tree! I guess you can look at azaleas, lilacs, etc the same way as they only bloom a few weeks out of the year. I like when they all bloom at different times. My husband has a love/hate relationship with our forsythia. It's gorgeous in the spring, but needs to be trimmed back several times a year. It does provide a bit of privacy for us too. Plus, the 'saplings' came from both our mom's yards.

  5. Ummm, Zoey?
    It's mid-70s all week here and I've been debating whether to do any gardening at all. :P

  6. Your crabapple is beautiful! So glad you saved your plants. I hope your weather is warming up. We had frost in some areas twice last week.I didn't have anything planted yet so I didn't have to worry.


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