Sunday, May 4, 2008

It's Sunday afternoon already

I went out after work one night last week and cut down most of the daffs I had blooming around the yard.

I used to have hundreds, but each year less and less return so they make a pitiful yard display.

I decided I'd enjoy them more inside the house this year and was quite happy with this wooden chest I found to display them.

I went to work for two days and totally forgot about them at night.

Then I left for a three-day get-a-way.

Today I returned and they looked like this.

I didn't really get to enjoy them inside after all!

We did get to enjoy our flamenco dance show on Saturday night.

Unfortunately, I could not get a decent pic because it was dark in the room. This one hardly does justice to the talented dancers, but it's about all I have to remember the night.

I only got one picture of the food because it was so dark that I had to use the flash and I didn't want everyone looking at me.

These are very tender tasty beef kabobs, herb-infused skewered shrimp and spinach/cream cheese phyllo pillows. Everything was delicious.

For dessert they served numerous gourmet petit fours--every morsel was a different delectable delight--I swooned over a teeny tiny creme brulee (about the size of a quarter). Servers came around with trays of the sweetened bits of heaven throughout the performance. Just writing about them makes me wish I was reliving the moment.

Throughout my little get-a-way, I took advantage of free bits of time to read Jennifer Chiaverini's book, The Winding Ways Quilt.

This is just prior to the dinner show. Notice that I did appear in public in that bold jacket. :) It really was perfect for the event.

For all the Chiaverini fans out there, I think you will enjoy this book. I am about 3/4 of the way finished and I have been enjoying the read. As I read, I do get the feeling that the author is writing for all of the new readers who have jumped on board since the series became so popular. There is really a lot of rehashing of bits and pieces of the Elm Creek quilters lives that you already know. But, if, like me, you have forgotten a lot of the details, you will enjoy being reminded of who's who.

So here it is late Sunday afternoon and I am back to my normal life. Just to prove it, here's tonight's dinner....

Meatloaf. (not my favorite, but DH loves it.) The things I do for my man. :)

Tomorrow it's back to work.

I wish I could start my three day vacation all over.


  1. Glad you had a nice getaway! The food looks and sounds delish!
    I know what you mean about using a flash in a setting like that. It's just better to remember it in your head!

  2. So true, Susie. Love your new profile picture!

  3. What a great getaway, Zoey..the memories will linger on. And I'm glad you wore the bright outfit, perfect for the occasion!!
    I love meatloaf but hubby doesn't that much so we rarely have it.
    Ohh, the poor daffodils..glad for the pic before they died, I love them in the wooden box!

  4. I noticed you said bold jacket...I stand corrected. lol
    I love it!

  5. Your get-away sounded great! The photo reminded me of my honeymoon in Cancun as we went to a show there with dancers, etc.
    I was getting hungry looking at your shrimp and thinking about dessert! ; )
    Time to think of another get-away location.
    Oh, glad you liked my toy post too.

  6. You went away without ME again????? hehe Sounds like a fun time and I can just imagine how enjoyable it was watching those flamenco dancers, that's something I've never seen in person. And oh wow, look at that food...yummmm! Your meatloaf also looks so delicious...I love meatloaf but the guys in my family never cared for it so it wasn't something I cooked. The only time I get it is if I order it in a restaurant!

    What a shame you didn't get to enjoy your can't win can you! lol I have 2 daffodils in bloom right now...that's it! My tulips aren't opened yet ...I think my Spring flowers aren't going to bloom until Summer! Sheesh! xox

  7. Betty,
    bold? bright? Either way it makes you squint to look at it. LOL.

    Dianne, Cancun sounds like a great spot for a honeymoon. You should go back for your 25th or 30th anniversary.

    Pea, today I noticed one tulip blooming. It's right near the house. The others still have a few days before they open. I've been a very lazy gardener this year and have not even been out there to check on things.

  8. What is with the daffodils this year? Mine came up very spindly looking and only one is threatening to bloom.

    Looks like you had a grand time!


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