Friday, February 9, 2007

I had to go out of town for work on Thursday

It was a three hour trip and it looked like this most of the way:

Thank goodness, the boss was driving!
I can't tell you how much I HATE having to go to these meetings. I get nervous on roads like these, even as only a passenger. I feel sorry for the driver because I am always grabbing the side handle, gasping in white-knuckled fright because I think we are too close to the car ahead. Sometimes I slam on the invisible brake on the floor ahead of me. I keep apologizing, "Sorry, I know you're a good driver. I just get a little excited."

I am surpirsed the man continues to insist I go on these excursions.

Once we arrive safely, I usually enjoy the meeting.

I always like going out to lunch after the meeting.

This time I had the daily special: 1/2 a dogwood sandwich and a cup of basil ham soup.

I had never heard of basil ham soup, but it was quite good.

The boss has a real sweeth tooth and wanted to try this Maple Pear Brulee Cheesecake.
It had a nut crust with a bottom layer of poached pears smothered in maple cheesecake, then topped with a very thin layer of torched caramel sugar.

We split this piece.

Yum-o! (Oh, help me! I just used a Racheal Ray-ism).

Thanks for all the ideas to use the Chambord. I think over vanilla ice cream sounds like something I would like. I will have to remember that the next time I get ice cream.

Also, thanks to those of you commenting about the labels. I have found them pretty handy myself. I couldn't remember how I had cooked a particular dish, so I just clicked the "cooking" label and found the entry in no time.

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  1. That's why I won't travel in the winter time unless I absolutely have never know when a storm like that will crop up! I don't blame you for being nervous!! Oh wow, that lunch you had looks fabulous...and the dessert...mmmmmmm!!! Hugs xox


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