Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've been Hibernating

It's been so cold here. Most days in the single digits, often with negative wind chills. Luckily we haven't gotten all that much snow. Oh my goodness, I just watched the news and they are talking about a traffic jam in PA (I think) for 16 hours! People were stuck overnight in their cars.

I've been going to work, coming home and sewing. That's about it. I wouln't even leave the house if I did not have to go to work.

I haven't been in the mood to blog. I think it's time to take a blog break. Don't you find that if you miss a day or two of blogging it's so easy to keep missing days?

Here's a picture my Mom took while watching the birds from her window.

I just love cardinals, especially in the snow.

I hope everyone is surviving the big snowstorms.
Stay inside and keep warm!


  1. I went back to Wisconsin for my Dad's 80th a year ago this month and got the best pics of several cardinals at their feeders, with snow in the background! I love cardinals!
    What a sweet pic Zoey!

  2. Cardinals are never seen in CA! He shows up so well in the snow!

  3. Such a beautiful picture of the cardinal! We don't get them here or if we do I've never seen them! lol We're like you, not much snow but very frigid. I've just come back from bringing my mom out for dinner and shopping...the wind was so bitter it was actually stinging the skin! I'm still thawing out! I think a lot of us are starting to feel the blog burnout...this morning I must have sat for an hour in front of my monitor wondering what to post! lol Hugs xox

  4. That traffic pile up was all over the news, though not close to here. It was a weird situation, but Bri and Sean said that just cleaning our cars and drive was one of the worst experiences they ever had.
    The cardinal is pretty! We saw a red fox yesterday-just briefly though.
    And we want to see your sewing. Sometimes a photo is all the blogging I do, yet I do ramble on. : )

  5. My mom used to have a similar photo pinned to her bulletin board, with a poem about the Cardinal in Winter. We see them here, but never against such a dramatic background.

    Bloggers who make posts every day amaze me- if I do one every 5 days I think it's a big deal:)

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. That Cardinal looks so bright red against the snow. What a great photo.

  7. Hi Zoey, beautiful picture.
    I hate this weather it is too darn cold. Next week we are supposed to get up in the 40's that will feel like a heat wave.

    Stay warm, Pat

  8. We're surviving Zoey! Like you, we're staying inside as much as possible. The wind outside is merciless! I must go out and feed the kitties in the barn though, so I'll put on several layers and borrow Ross's mad bomber hat :) That thing is wonderfully warm!
    What a great pic your mom took. Yes, cardinals against the snow are such a wonder.
    Stay warm! xox

  9. That is a good cardinal shot. I like the way it is tucked in there.
    Are you still working on the snowman quilt? I am still on the full size pattern pieced quilt. It is coming out really well, but takes so long! From now on, my paper pieced projects will be small ones.

  10. A nice photo from the cardinal. You and Kerri have so much snow, a lot to do.
    Today it is very sunny here and we have done a lot of work outside.


  11. I love cardinals all year round, but they are especially beautiful in the snow. There is a house two doors down that is hedged by lilac and the song birds just love hanging out in it - so I get to see a mess of cardinals everyday that I walk to work in the winter! Beautiful!

    I have been having trouble keeping up with blogging too. I do think that those who blog everyday are crazy.

  12. There are many of us who really enjoy your particular style of 'journaling'. Take a break to rejuvenate but please keep up your lovely site.


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