Monday, February 19, 2007

I spent a lot of time sewing this weekend

and nursing poor DH, who was very sick with what appeared to be the "Winter Vomiting Virus". I had never heard of it before, but I did a net search and this virus fits his symptoms perfectly. Most people would call it the "flu", but it was not. People seem to call just about everything the "flu".

As the name suggests, the main symptom is violent vomiting.

It's highly contagious. I thought it would be. I wore rubber gloves and used bleach/water to clean everything in the bathroom -- floor, walls, commode, commode handle. I sprayed my bleach/water solution on every glass, spoon, etc. he used. I tried my best not to touch anything after he did.

I did not have to cook at all on Friday or Saturday, unless you consider heating up a can of chicken noodle soup cooking. Poor DH only ate a few spoonfuls on Saturday. He slept most of the time. So other than my continuous bouts of disinfecting activity, I spent my time in a different room sewing.
I must have filled this bobbin 3 times each day.
Look at this ironing board. It's so full of fabric I have no room to iron! (I iron every single little piece as it's sewn on)
Oops! I seem to be missing the garbage can as I snip the excess fabric off each block.
Carpet is not a good thing in a sewing room!

I have found that paper piecing is not very fast (I agree with Sandy, who mentioned this in one of her comments). It also wastes a lot of fabric. I cut (or more precisely, hack off) pieces of fabric that are much larger than I need. I have found it better to waste than to cut too small and have to tear out tiny little stitches.

The weekend went by pretty fast (they all do), I made about 12 star blocks, DH is better and it seems I have escaped the virus. . . at least so far...........


  1. Wash your hands!! That vomitting thing has hit the kids and YIKES!! it was a bad one!
    Take care!!

  2. Oh dear, your poor hubby...good thing it doesn't last too long!! I can just picture you steady disinfecting everything as he went along! hehe Wow, you certainly were very busy with your sewing and I can't wait to see what you're working on now:-) xox

  3. That's a bummer bug-I had it in December and hadn't been 'that' sick in ages. I sure hope you don't get it. I wonder how he got it? I blame those shopping carts! I notice they have the wipes near them in a few of our stores.
    Good luck with everything!

  4. There have been alot of people at work getting this. I just hope it skips over our house!! I am glad to here your DH is feeling better. I hope you don't get it. Atleast you got to do some sewing. I bet it relaxes you. I am very relaxed when I am scrapping.

  5. Hey Zoey,
    Taking the paper backing off the blocks takes a long time, too.

    Good luck with the virus!!


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