Saturday, February 3, 2007

My Camera Battery Died

I went to Staples today to buy a new one and THEY HAVE TO ORDER IT!
This is Day Two without taking a picture.
I am in deep withdrawal and probably won't be posting until it comes in. What's a post without a picture?

I found a tin of fudge in the freezer (forgotten from Christmas). It's helping the withdrawal symptoms to subside just a bit. :) I actually found it last night and it is, in fact, how I found out the battery was dead. I took a picture of it to show you and I couldn't get the camera to load it to the computer even after I charged the battery. So I trotted off to Staples first thing this morning. What kind of office store does not keep stuff like that in stock?

I also cleaned the remote control for the TV. Have you been hearing all the reports about how filthy remote controls are? Supposedly the remote has the most bacteria of anything in a hotel room.

I must admit, mine was dirty. I used two q-tips, 2 toothpicks, a toothbrush and some Murphy's Oil Soap because it felt greasy. The little crevices were full of gunk (that's what the toothpicks were for). Now it's very clean and no longer feels greasy. Who would notice? NOBODY. That's why I'm telling all of you!<*grin> That's what happens when your beloved digital camera is on the blink. You start to go nutty and clean remotes with a toothpick!

Sissy, I must respond to your comment that my house must be immaculate. I can see how one might think that by my recent postings. But that is far from the correct assumption! I do clean a lot, but it never seems to stay that way!

Hope you all have a fun superbowl weekend.

What's wrong with the Blogger spell check? Geez, does anything work correctly anymore? I hope I don't have a ton of misspelled words.


  1. I know the few times I've posted without pictures has seemed weird too, although when I first started I never used pictures. Hopefully the battery will be in soon!

  2. Zoey, I try real hard not to listen to any report that tells me how "germ-filled" anything in my house is. But I did peruse a "how to house-clean" book I was cataloging this week and the author recommends not making your bed since that provides the perfect cozy environment that bed mites like. Well, who knew?

    I hope you get your battery soon and I hope you don't feel that you have to de-germ your digital!

  3. Zoey,
    You can try covering your remote with saran wrap and then just changing the saran wrap every once in a while.


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