Monday, February 26, 2007

I wish I could start the weekend over

so that I could get something done! I am so far behind on everything now that I lost three whole days to illness. I am glad I don’t get sick very often. It puts a damper on my well honed routine. Thank you all for your sympathetic words below.

The house is in need of some deep cleaning. I worked 9.5 hours today, so when I got home I wasn’t in the mood to clean. Actually I am never in the mood to clean on a work night. In my routine, I do major cleaning only on the weekends. So I guess I’ll just forget about it until Saturday. I did do a quick cleaning of the bathroom (some things simply cannot be put off), then pulled up my 150+ emails on my yahoo account and began trudging through the emails from a quilting group I recently joined. “Trudging” is the operative word here. I decided I was not having any fun or learning anything from this group, so I deleted all the emails and promptly unsubscribed. I gained an extra hour of time right then and there!

Look at this.
It came in the mail today. It’s a free gift for subscribing to Garden Design magazine. It's cute, but what can I do with it? It's pretty small. Let's see...if you cut a magazine in half it would fit in this too small to be of any use that I can think of. It's not like I will ever be skipping through my garden with this little tool-filled tote dangling from my arm either. I can't quite bring myself to toss it yet. So I'll let it sit around for six months and then toss it. Isn't that how it usually happens? LOL.

I tried to sew a little tonight, but that didn't go so well. I tried 3 times (without success) to miter the corner of a 9-inch border I put on the cardinal quilt. I finally just sewed it on without the miter, which was fine, except, I then decided I hated the border. It's too wide.

I guess I will show it to you. I always show you each step after I'm satisfied, but I probably should show you the errors now and then, too. There are certainly plenty of them to show!
There will actually be three rows of stars on each side, which will help to balance it out. I still think it will look to wide, though.

I folded that up and decided to deal with it another day when I'm more in the mood. I may just cut it down smaller so I don't have to rip out thousands of tiny stitches. I need some sort of border, just not so wide. Only problem there is that if I don't make it 9 inches wide all those 9-inch star blocks I already made won't fit. Ah, the mathematical challenges....maybe I should just make two different quilts.

I just spent 55 minutes making this post. I hit publish and BLOGGER ATE IT!!! ARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. If that happens this time, I am done blogging! I am sure the first post was way better than this one, but, hey, that's as good as it's getting tonight!


  1. Zoey, hang in there!
    Maybe you should put the quilt away for a while and work on another project, sometimes that helps.
    You can't quit blogging, you're the one that got me inspired to start!!

  2. I did? Wow, that's a neat feeling to have inspired you, Suzy!

  3. Hi Zoey,

    Sorry to hear you've been under the weather! I've been incommunicado for the past two days setting up my new pc. Hope you're feeling better and getting into those new gardening magazines. I too, am beginning to get excited about spring and my garden.

  4. Oh dear, between your quilt and Blogger, they're sure giving you a hard time! lol That's the problem when you get behind with your regular hard to get back into it. Hopefully things will get better as the week progresses:-) xoxo

  5. You should be so proud of your quilting! The quilts you make are amazing! I could never create anything like that!
    I hope you are feeling even better, today!

  6. Sorry to hear you have been sick, glad you are feeling better. I love the little tote, don't throw it away! It does look tiny, though, if that is your finger on top. Seems to be a real scale problem there LOL.

  7. I hope you're feeling better soon, Zoey.
    You'll come up with some creative use for that bag once your head is clear again - since it has little vegetables on the pockets, do you think the manufacturer intended it to hold seed packets?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  8. Nice to see you're feeling better Zoey - nothing worse than that kind of bug. Love the quilt and the border is to die for - which I could do as good a job. Acutally I like it that wide, sort of balances the green you have used - but that's just me....grin. Maybe take a break for a while and come back to it. Sometimes time adds a whole new perspective. Take care of yourself.


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