Monday, June 14, 2021

Royal Purple Smokebush and Miss Kim Lilac are Performing so Nicely This Year

 Love this smokebush! It's about 10 ft. tall and in full bloom right now.

Miss Kim Lilac is also in full bloom and looking very lovely this year.

I have a bright pink peony planted in front of the Smokebush and it's about to open:

Now if we could just get some rain to get out of the severe drought we are currently experiencing.


  1. Your peony will look perfect with that backdrop, I love the dark color behind it! Mine is also doing well, it's the first time I didn't cut it back in spring, so there's plenty of smoke.

    1. Mine is getting taller than I want it. I may try to chop off the top this year. I will have to research it a bit. Thanks for stopping by.


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