Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Here it is Halloween 2015 and I have done absolutely Nothing!  No table, no Halloween dé sad.........................

Last Halloween I had this table all set.......................

After a couple of years, I finally finished my paper-pieced (a quilting technique) chair covers.
I think they go nicely with the witch hat I bought last year during the after Halloween sales.

I put two big hairy spiders on my chandy.

I decorated top of my curio cabinet with more items I bought during the 2013 after Halloween sales.

I love those full body skeletons!  I wish I had purchased the full size skeleton that I let go at 50% off!
I have used these skeletons heads before. They are always perfect for Halloween.

I added some green limes around the head to bring in the napkin color.


  1. Happy Halloween, Zoey. I suspect you spent your time this Fall putting your garden to bed for the winter. I enjoyed the pics from last year though. xo Diana

  2. You must be busy with something good to keep you from your decorating.
    Hope all is well

  3. Ha ha ha sister we had the same decorating thoughts. Pull nothing out! I put 3 things on the dining room table, 4 in the kitchen and it was done. All the plastic jack o lanterns stayed cozy in the attic. Now if I can only do the same thing at Christmas!!

  4. I love your Halloween decorations, those chair covers are wonderful. I haven't got the urge to decorate anything here this year, and Christmas is looming. You always inspire me with your lovely decor.


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