Monday, September 7, 2015

Breck's Order I Recently Placed

 Big Impact Allium - 10 bulbs  for $18.99
I ordered 5 for a total of 50 allium plants

Del Nashaugh Daffodil Super Sak - ordered 1
Plant all under living room window garden.
Muscari Latifolium - ordered 1

Plant all in SAJ garden near living room window
Odessa Calla Lily
Ordered 3
I have been wanting a nearly black calla. Can't wait to get this one!
Plant in containers by garage
Orange glory flower - 2 per order for $9.99
Ordered 2 - 4 flowers

Plant center front of perennial garden outside bedroom window
Muscari latifolium - 35 bulbs 
Ordered 1

Plant all under living room window garden with pink daffs.
The Orange glory flower and the Odessa calla lily will be shipped in the spring of 2016.

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