Saturday, August 30, 2014

Still Waiting for the Tropicannas® in the Big Blue Pot to Bloom

They may not bloom because they love heat and there has not been any heat this year.  Even if they don't bloom, I am happy with this container.  The foliage is huge & fabulous, so this guy has already performed beyond my expectations this year.  If you look in the center picture in my blog header, you can see this container in June before everything began to grow.  All that lushness just sits inside every winter waiting to explode--I know I keep saying this--but it's amazing!

Unfortunately the deer found the kale and at a big hunk of it.
Hunting season starts Nov. 15.  Hoping we still have some hunters left in the neighborhood...if you have a garden, you probably feel the same.

I have had these pink starburst dahlias for probably 20 years.  They were the first dahlia I purchased and I still love them.
 The cold weather kept them at a shorter height which worked out nicely this year.

I have them in a few other gardens and in containers on the deck:

I don't remember my liatris (tall purple spikey things in the background) blooming so late before. 

It's almost September and they are still in flower.  I will have to look back on the blog and see when they usually bloom.  It's been an odd year!


  1. Oh yes it did grow very lush!!! Do you store all your containers for winter or turn them upside down?

  2. Sempre bello passare di qui! Purtroppo qui le dhalie vanno tolte dalla terra in inverno altrimenti muoiono per il freddo!

    Un saluto!

  3. My grandma's driveway was lined with those same dahlias. Even without blooms the foliage is stunning.

  4. Those Dahlias are beautiful, and I love the foliage in your container, it's wonderful!

  5. Hi Zoey- I am finally getting back to blogging after my break. WOW- You have outdone yourself with your gardening again this year. Amazing!!! It has been a really weird summer here, too. Things are late or worse-did nothing. However, the grass is green and beautiful. Hope you have had a great Labor Day! xo Diana


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