Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Amazing What Happens in Just Three Months

May 24, 2014

August 20, 2014


  1. Wow!!!! Very pretty and full. Love your gardens .


  2. Your containers are always stunning.When I am selecting things for containers....I never know what to buy. Yours go through the summer into fall looking better every week.

  3. Wow! You really do an outstanding job with your containers. You have a real knack for it!

  4. Earlene ,Sue and Balisha,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving those nice comments. I like to do containers more than I do the perennial gardens, so it's nice to have you notice my efforts. Thanks!

  5. An exciting array of contrasting textures with a punch of color. Really holds my attention.

  6. Your Coleus is beautiful, just as I expected it would be!

  7. What a gorgeous container, Zoey! I adore your gardens! :)

  8. I agree, just outstanding and gorgeous! Do you water all the time and use MiracleGro? Most of my flowers looks bad as I kind of let them go as I couldn't get out there a lot with my bad knee.

    1. Yes, We water every day and use Miracle Grow at least twice a week...sometimes more in the beginning of the season. I reduce the strength and use it daily for the first couple of weeks. J has taken over that chore since he retired. He's done a fabulous job!


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