Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Just Finished Christmas Shopping -- for Myself!

Here is what I ordered:

I received a gift of money this week and decided to spend it (plus more).  I think this order will arrive just in time for Christmas.  Can't wait to see if I like everything as much as I hope I will.


  1. Do I see some Coldwater Creek there? I think that I have the same necklace (top right)
    Isn't it fun to shop for yourself once in a while? I just did that at Michael"s today.
    Have a nice evening...Balisha

  2. Great job on your new clothes. Love the pink scarf.

    I did me some Christmas shopping too, a vintage sewing machine, in the most awesome cabinet. I won't get it until Saturday when the son goes to St Louis. How convent he will be in that area. I paid $245 for it, and there is one on Ebay for $810!! Cha Ching!! (I'll email you a picture, because I'm keeping it a secret until my sewing machine friend comes New years eve.

  3. Oh- Cute, cute, cute, cute! Coldwater Creek? I think you like Coldwater? xo Diana


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