Sunday, July 29, 2012

The End of a Work-Filled Weekend

After all the work I did the past two days, I deserve a freshly-squeezed lemon drop.

I spent Friday night and most of Saturday wearing this not-so-fashionable footwear:
We rented a carpet cleaner and spent quite a few hours spiffing up the carpet.  I was on hands & knees with a bucket of hot water, a brush and some high-traffic-area spray to make sure the most walked upon areas came out clean.  DH wrestled the big industrial machine full of hot water and soap.  He did some areas three times.  It took 48 hours for the floors to dry.

Since most of my work was completed on Friday night, I spent all of Saturday morning outside weeding and moving plants.   I decided that I no longer liked the gold 'Condilla' double daylily in this area:
 So I dug it out, divided it into three plants and put in it in my new path area.  You can see a bit of the 'Condilla' lilies on the right side in the picture below. It's early in the morning and the lilies are not yet out for today.

I dug up all the 'Lionheart' Tango lilies and moved them to the spot where the daylily was.
I now have all 12 of them in the same area.  I am hoping for a bigger impact than they  made this year. I thought they were a bit small and scrawny. Usually the first year is great for the Tangoes.  But we all know that this year has not been normal!

I also moved hostas, Bergenias, red daylilies, lamb's ear, ornamental grass, bellflower, ajuga, and probably a few things that I have already forgotten.  I spent about 4 hours in the garden on Saturday.

We bought burgers for dinner and ate on the deck since all the floors were wet.  After dinner we took our floor fan apart, brought it outside and cleaned all the individual parts. It is now sparkling clean. I love that!

Yes, I was totally pooped Saturday night!

I slept until 7:00 am. on Sunday (very late for me). I spent the morning outside again.

After lunch, I remade the family room curtains. 

DH had ripped the burlap when pulling them closed, so I replaced the burlap with a more sturdy green-striped fabric that goes nicely with the new furniture.  I still have one more pair to do. It's a simple project, but it does take about an hour and half per pair.

We worked the entire weekend, but it was a good weekend.  We both feel great about everything we accomplished.

I hope you all enjoyed whatever you did this weekend.


  1. Zoey, Your garden is looking really beautiful! It is indeed satisfying to accomplish several things to make the home/gardens better. Have a great week!

  2. you got a lot done...carpet cleaning is hard work...

  3. WOW that's a lot of work. You're brave, digging and moving plants in late July. Every time I do that I get behind on watering them & they die. Your gardens are looking GREAT.

  4. More power to you two! The house and yard look wonderful.
    I do have a carpet cleaner but I can't really move the furniture out but do the high traffic areas the most.
    My gardens aren't worth weeding in this heat. When they say we will have a hot summer, I'm doing all hanging baskets. Live and learn.

  5. Zoey- You amaze me- You are such an artist in the garden! You did a LOT of work this weekend. I only mowed yesterday as we had two commitments. However, today I tackled MyHero's office. It was beyond awful...rearranged and moved stuff out. We had a little throw away party. I am achy tonight from moving so much heavy stuff out the door; but like you- I feel good at what I got done! xo Diana

  6. They always say (who is "they, by the way?) that you shouldn't move plants in bloom or in the summer, but that's the only way I can tell if it's where I want it! Lots of water does the trick.
    Did you get much rain the other day? We got GOBS of it -3" and I heard parts of Cadillac got 7!!
    (that's TOO much!)

  7. The gardens still look fantastic Zoey. Hard to believe you are so close yet mine is so bad. Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. Does make you feel good to get so much done though.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  8. Phew! I'm tired just reading about your weekend activities. Hope you treated yourself to two lemon drops :).

  9. You my dear are the energizer do you do it?? :)


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