Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Can't Grow a Seed in the Garden to Save My Life, But I Do Pretty Good Planting them in Containers

I planted a package of nasturtium seeds that appeared to be a mix of brick red and off-white.  They are blooming now. I expected the red to be a bit more burgundy and the off-white, turned out to be yellow!
That's OK. I still like them and the yellow goes nicely with the calla lilies.  Dianne, these are the same as those I sent you. Did yours bloom?

Remember those crates I painted in May?  Well, they are finally filling out:
I like how the sweet potato vine filled out sideways instead of hanging down on the ground. I am sure they will soon take over the entire crate, but I will just them off when they do.  These containers are full of red and pink dahlias. You can see a pink one just beginning to bloom. Hopefully, I get a huge mass of pink and red.  I will show you these again when (if) that happens.  I must say, I am enjoying these crates much more on my deck than when they sat in my basement full of junk treasures.

Today I noticed my first orange cosmos blooming on the deck.
I saved seeds from last year and just sprinkled them among the deck containers.  I think these seeds came free in the mail a few years ago.  I bought some seashell cosmos seeds this year and planted them in the ground and got 

I do have some new blooms in the main gardens.  I planted speedwell 'First Love' (pink) and Sunny Border Blue together and they are doing OK in a spot that is all rock just four inches down.
 Same flowers looking in the opposite direction( and less blurry):
  Here is the view from behind the Shasta daises you see above:
The Shastas in this spot are very short this year. I like them at that height.  They are at the very end of their bloom cycle.

The Forever and Ever hydrangea I moved last week is actually blooming! I guess it did not mind the move at all.  Of course I kept it well watered all week. There is only one little flower, but that is all I ever get and the plant is barely a foot tall(again that is normal).  I consider Forever and Ever to be a big DUD. 

  We are in need of an all day rain as this ultra crispy blueberry bush confirms:
It looks like there will be no fresh blueberry pies in my near future.

I hope you are all getting the rain that I expected today but did not get.     :(


  1. Those crated plantings are amazing. I remember when you first planted them, Zoey. Everything else is beautiful, too....well....except for your poor blueberry plant!

    We got almost 3" of rain in a 24 hour period- unbelievable!!! It is the first rain we have had all season- xo Diana

  2. I think they look pretty darn good, plus they at least grew. Everything is still looking wonderful. Glad things look good there for you.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  3. Oh no---poor blueberry! Better stick with flowers, Zoey---you sure know what you're doing with them! The containers look great!

  4. I love your spikes in all the colors.
    I bought a hydrangea for $5, but I keep putting off planting it. We are crispy brown here. We are leaving tomorrow for 4 days, come home for2 and leave again for another 4. so I'm afraid to plant it.
    I miss my sweet potato vines. I gave up on them after the pesky squirrels ate them all last year!
    Happy Friday.

  5. what beautiful gardens you have, Im sure your green thumb keeps you quietbusy maintaining those pretty gardens.

  6. I have loads of green Nasturtium leaves, but I'm waiting on the ones you sent me to bloom. I have only a few N. flowers in a hanging basket and they are orange and red. I'm watching them!
    I love the sweet potato vine crates! I have that burgundy one and the lime green one.
    Your gardens in general look loads better than mine.
    Be sure to stop by and see the Goldfinch shots I took.

  7. Hi Zoey,

    Your containers look great, so lush. After our 104 degree temps I had to replace some plants, just fried. Your garden looks beautiful even though we all need the rain.


  8. Nasturtiams are rarely the exact color in the packets...I still like them though. You always have beautiful combination plantings!

  9. My nasturtiums never come out like the seed packet! Your crate planting is GORGEOUS!!!

  10. My favorite is the speedwell with the Shasta daisy. What beautiful combinations.Who cares if you can't grow a seed in the ground....just look at your lovely gardens.I have trouble with seeds too..

  11. So beautiful...I have that same Sweet Potato planted in my Bamboo stock tank and I just LOVE it! The two Speedwells together is them!

  12. Your garden is looking so beautiful Zoey. Girl I know what you mean about growing seeds directly outdoors. I have awful luck with that also.Your containers are just filling up and out and look so lovely.

  13. Every time I come here I am in awe of your beautiful garden, Zoey. Your planters are doing so well. Oh the poor blueberry plant..we have 2 blueberry plants that are not doing so well either. One looks like yours and the other is green but didn't even bother to bloom.
    Last year for my raspberries too as they don't offer enough to make the work worthwhile.

  14. I really like your crates and I wouldn't mind if the potato does take over because there a perfect to the pastel crates. Not that familiar with speedwell. Will have to investigate. Best PJM


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