Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Deck-or-ating Again

About this time every year, I rearrange the deck. It was windy Monday afternoon so I decided to move most of my plants to the lattice area to give them a bit of protection. Canna blooms are prone to toppling over on windy days.

I decided that the bright yellow potting bench would be the focal point. It was nice to make the silver artemesia floral arrangements under the shade of the big pine tree.

I moved the glider that has occupied this space all summer to the opposite side. I used the hanging basket hooks for baskets that I use for floral arrangements. To fill in the space below the baskets, I wired on two twig wreaths.
The chairs and bench that used to be in this area was moved down to the opposite end of the deck--near the buddelia bush--so that I can enjoy all the butterflies that love to hang out here. Can you see the butterflies?

There are always 4 or 5 of them on the Butterfly Bush every time I walk by. Today one of them brushed against my hand as it flew away. Here I caught a Monarch in flight! That was exciting.

Remember those bright yellow louvers that were behind the glider? I moved them way down to the far end of the deck.

Then I added a scarecrow in front of the doors and the white bench. I tossed a pinwheel quilt over the bench and moved the clown canna to this end. It just seemed to go so well with that quilt.

I am sure I will change it again--at least one more time before the season ends.


  1. If you were my neighbor, I'd be on your Deck ALL the time!

    It's always beautiful.

  2. It's nice to change things up-looks really nice. I agree, you need to watch the butterflies while out their.
    And I love your scarecrow!

  3. terrible grammar-it is 1:30 am...
    there for their of course.

  4. Very inviting, Zoey ... how charming!

  5. Hi Zoey, I certainly could use your talent for deck-orating, and would love to take a break on such a beautiful deck. Did you make all those wonderful quilts, too? Excellent photography with the butterflies flitting around; I tried to capture one on film and almost ended up falling in the pond. I'm glad no one had a video camera to see me staggering around the yard with a camera plastered to my face.(And no, I wasn't plastered, either, ha).

    Thanks for your cheery post, I needed it today.

  6. I saw this post on my blog roll the other day, and was confused for a minute, because it looked like a photo of my deck because of the lattice work. I came over to see it, but didn't get a chance to leave a comment at the time.

    Your place is looking great!


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