Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Ray of Sunshine & Rembrandt Dahlias

That's what I dressed like today--BRIGHT sunshine!

From my shell necklace, to my golden yellow jacket (the color is actually called "Sunshine")....

to my lace-look bangle bracelet....

to my big Sunshine yellow tote....I was awash in yellow and brown today.

I've had this stuff since last year, but I've been waiting to wear it until the weather was warm enough not to need a coat. It does not make much sense to carry that tote if a coat covers all the matching attire.

It was a fun outfit and I plan to wear it again this weekend.

I got my Rembrandt dahlia order from Breck's yesterday. For $25.00 I got six clumps.

I must say that clump on the left is mighty small. Here it is close up: Hmmm....not too happy with that one. Breck's is very good about replacing inferior items. I will plant this and wait and see what happens. If I am not happy, I will write to them and they replace it. I can use this picture as proof of what they sent.

It will be a surprise to see what color these are. They put all six clumps in one package so you have no idea what you are getting. I just hope it's not all purple/white. I have enough of those from my last order!


  1. LOVE your coordinated tote and jacket - sooo pretty! Be really firm with these bulb companies - they need to deliver the goods!

  2. I always look forward to your colorful outfits...

  3. Gorgeous outfit put that together very nicely!
    I'm waiting with you to see what color those flowers will be.

  4. Very cute assembly! I think you will get lots of wear out of it.
    I hope your dahlias will be really unusual.

  5. Very stylish!
    Sometimes it's nice to have a job where you can dress up. You ARE a Fashionista!

  6. Great outfit! I hope your dahlias are colors you like. My cousin gave me some black hollyhocks to plant. They shopuld be interesting.


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