Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Have No Clothesline Poles

Well, I guess, I do have some, but they are buried under debris in the woods

We removed them nearly twenty years ago. It's a miracle we got them down with all that concrete in there!

I rarely miss them because I prefer to dry clothes in a dryer. The only time I wish I still had them is when I want to wash and dry or

air out my big quilts. I decided to put a sheet over the deck railing and then put the quilt over the sheet (to keep it clean). That seemed to work fairly well.

My big plans to finish up the raking have not materialized. The week is nearly over and I have not gone out once after work. It's been in the low 50's which is OK weather for that kind of work, but I have not been in the mood. I guess it will have to wait until the weekend.


  1. Yes, yard work is a chore if you're not in the mood!
    This year,I'm putting up a clothes line just to dry bed linens.

  2. Oh oh..don't do it all on the weekend Zoey..take it easy, your back will thank you.

    Very pretty quilt!

    I love outdoor clothes lines although I don't have one either..I'm sad that I don't.
    When we lived in the country I had one and I rarely used the dryer. That fresh 'outdoorsy smell' is the most wonderful scent!

  3. It was to stinkin' cold here today too. I did a very little raking, as I am still tired from our trip. Plus I stepped in a hole out front that something dug-my entire foot (in a garden in front of the driveway). Brian promptly filled it in.
    I still have a clothesline that I rarely use myself.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  4. I love clothes dried on a clothes line...especially sheets and quilts...


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