Monday, November 23, 2009

Aqua & Lime Green Christmas Tree

It looks all blue on my ancient monitor, but there is quite a lot of green.

I used 4 different lime green balls. All of those I bought to mix with pink, ended up on this tree. It's amazing how many decorations it takes to do a tall (albeit skinny) tree like this one.

A few days ago I boxed up all the cookie jars that used to reside above the kitchen desk area. I am planning to put all my holiday houses up here. For the past few years, they have sat on this basement shelf untouched....It's a big pain in my growing derriere to unbox them all and set them up Their work vs. enjoyment ratio suggests that I should get rid of them after this final use.

I really need to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Did you see those shelves? Well, each shelf is pretty big and I have 12 of them full of Christmas items. The only reason one does not look full, is because I have already hauled quite a few items upstairs.

Here is the family room entertainment center awaiting it's transformation.


  1. I have cut way back on my theme is 'simple'.

  2. Betty, that sounds pretty good to me about now.

  3. Wow-the tree is so perfectly decorated!
    Yeah, I have loads of Christmas stuff too. I heard Carole/Pea went through all her stuff and donated a lot. Not sure if I could do that yet.

  4. Zoey, the tree is lovely.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, dear Zoey, I hope you've got some leftover turkey to send over to me??? hehe I just love your Aqua & Lime green Christmas tree, it's gorgeous but then your trees always are:-) I can't even imagine putting up so many trees but then it sure looks beautiful. xoxo

  6. The tree is beautiful!My sister is decorating with lime green and's very pretty too!

  7. The tree is stunning and I know it's so much work....but, it is all worth it for just this few weeks of celebration and for those of us who peek in to see what wonderful creation you are up to next. Willow


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