Monday, September 15, 2008

Fingerling Potatoes

At the Farmer's Market this weekend, we bought some tiny little fingerling potatoes. Have you ever had these?

They are very small and finger-shaped. I took some of the larger ones, par boiled them and then cut them into little slices.
I put a bit of vegetable oil and a couple pats of butter in the pan and fried them until crispy. Then I sprinkled salt, pepper and a few chives on top.
They were quite tasty...sort of like round french fries. DH loved them,so I will have to remember to cook them like this again next year.

I went out after work today and cut the three large hydrangeas flowers I had blooming. I decided to use them inside where I would appreciate them more.

Aren't they just perfect with this vintage tablecloth? The old cloth has pink and purple hydrangeas just like I had blooming.

I also decided today was the day to paint a picture frame that I have had sitting around in the basement for three years. I bought the paint Saturday, but it was raining all weekend. It didn't take long at all to spray paint it.

It should be dry so I am on my way out to see if I need to do any touch ups. My fingers are crossed that I got it right on the first try. It's not likely, but stranger things have happened.


  1. Those potatoes look yummy! Trader Joe's carries them year round here, and we enjoy them.
    Your hydrangeas are beautiful esp. on that cloth..

  2. Poor DH!!! He only gets potatoes once a year? "-)

  3. Yes I've had these potatoes and they are delicious!
    And now I remember that I also have a picture frame to paint..

  4. Susie, I only see these at the Farmer's market. Of course, I don't go to grocery stores very often, so they may carry them.

    Giddy, That's pretty much it--at least for fried potatoes! LOL.

    Betty, My frame is all finished. I am going to post a pic tonight.

  5. Your flower pictures are always so beautiful. Makes me wish I had a gardener!
    Love those potatoes too. We get them in the fall at Farmer's Market.
    You did quite well on that picture frame. You are so talented.
    Enjoy the cooler weather.
    Osagebluffquilter (54 degress at 6:59AM)

  6. This is my all-time favorite way to cook fingerlings and baby red potatoes - though, I use rosemary instead of chives at the end.


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