Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fast Food Toys, a Preening Turkey and More of the Quilt

My husband has a very odd hobby.

He collects fast food toys.

He has thousands of them--many, many thousands.

His twelve-year old niece decided to get rid of her collection and gave Uncle Jim a call. Of course he couldn't resist another three bags of them.

He found a few he didn't have so he was happy.

We had 4 hens and a Tom turkey visiting today. Here's Tom trying to impress the ladies. Unfortunately I couldn't get him with a full tail feather spread. The ladies just ignored him and continued walking away.

I decided to add a border to the star quilt and spent a good portion of the morning making the 4 corner blocks and attaching them. I decided to finish it now while I still had matching fabric. It would be just like me to use up all the fabric in another project without realizing that I still needed that fabric for a border.I like the size much better now.

This quilt is made of 289 3-inch blocks. Here's the back side. You would never guess what the front looks like from the back, would you?
Most of these 3-inch blocks are made from 8 different pieces. That's a TON of seams and a hand quilter's nightmare. Just look at all these fabric layers that must be quilted through . Since these seams are every three inches, it is nearly impossible not to have to quilt through them.
The 6-inch plain border will give me a place to quilt with no seams and I can do some sort of fancy pattern in that area. I can now fold it up and put it away until I decide to start the quilting. I will also cut the fabric for the binding and fold it up inside the quilt top so that I have it when the time comes.

I can't believe it's 1:30 p.m. already. The day is zooming by. I am cooking pork roast and scalloped potatoes for dinner. A nice comfort meal for a cold spring day.


  1. I smiled at the fast food toy collection! My mom used to buy Happy Meals and save the toys. I have all those put away (not really for collecting, but the grandkids enjoyed looking at them when they were younger)
    Love those turkeys!

  2. H has the entire collection of the California Grapes. They are on display in the family room next to the TV. Occasionally, Sluggo gets hold of one and bats it around the room.

    Nice new quilt.

  3. Oops. Make that the California Raisins.

  4. Zoey - wow - you are the most ambitous quilter I know of!! Your quilt is awesome - great job! The weather is breaking here, we will be in the 60's today, 70's tomorrow - Wahooooo! I think I will be in the garden later!

    Have a great week - Nannette

  5. I can well imagine how excited he was to be able to add to his collection! hehe I have a ton of those toys put away in a box downstairs from when the boys use to get the Happy Meals.

    I just love the border you added to your quilt, it looks beautiful. But then, all your quilts are gorgeous:-) Looks like a lot of work on that other one...your fingers must get very sore when you hand quilt like that?!

    I love scalloped potatoes and now you've made me hungry for them! Hope it's warming up in your part of the world!! xox

  6. That's a lot of 'fast food' toys!
    Gorgeous the stars. I can see you've spent a lot of time on it. Quilter's hands for sure!
    Zoey you asked about our's mostly gone, just in places where it has been piled up by the grader.

  7. It's a good thing your hubby collect little things since he has so many!
    The border looks great on the quilt. I'm just amazed how fast you get things done.
    Hopfully the snow will be gone soon so you can get to the garden! It's been too cool here to work outside the last couple days.

  8. Yummy, nummy... I love pork roast and scallopped potatoes. My favorite meal by far!

  9. I can so get collecting the little toys-so fun to look at and handle. Does he keep them in the plastic bags or takes them out? I know I have some boxes of them from when Sean was a little guy and if he was looking for something in particular from the late 80s-90s, I can pull down the boxes from the attic to take a look.

  10. Di, How kind to offer to look through yours. I think he has all the 80's & 90's since that was his collecting heydays. He has them all in the bag, but he also collects them out of the bag. It's really a sickness because the boxes have overtaken the basement!


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