Saturday, October 13, 2007

Remember My Sled full of Persian Shield?

Today I removed the Persian Shield and put it in a big pot to overwinter in the basement.
It's really getting big, isn't it?
This will be its third year in the basement. I give it a little bit of water once a week--just enough to keep it alive. All of the leaves will fall off. It will make a big MESS and look like a sorry example of its beautiful self. But by next June it should leaf out again and start to look lovely. I think it's worth saving because I could never buy one as large as this.

I cleaned the sled with soap, water and bleach. I am thinking of bringing the sled inside the house and putting a Christmas tree in it. So don't be surprised if you see this old sled again in about an month!

I decided to try to overwinter my two pots of Purple Fountain Grass. From what I have read it's a tough plant to successfully overwinter without a greenhouse. Has anyone overwintered it?

I am expecting that the grass will go dormant and I can hold it over until spring with no water.

When I planted it, I left it right in the black plastic pots that I bought it in and just buried the pot inside my barrels. It was pretty easy to dig the pot out of the barrel. Then I cut it back and

dipped it into a bucket of soapy water in hopes of getting rid of any bugs.

After it dried, I just stuck it in the crawl space. It will sit there until next May when I will pull it out with the other overwintered plants and begin to water it.

It is dies, it dies. I thought it was worth a try since it took such a small amount of effort.

I worked pretty hard today and have almost everything done for the winter. I have a few containers of dahlia tubers drying out in the garage. I will bag them up in a few days and then I can forget about plants until next May.

I must say I am glad to have it almost all done!


  1. You should feel good! I haven't even started yet. I look out onto the deck and tell myself I should take care of some plants but that's as far as I get!

  2. I think putting a christmas tree on the sled is a great idea.

    I will start digging in my gardens tomorrow. This year because of all the rain we had in Chicagoland some of my gardens did not make it. I am not sure what will come up next year. I hope I do not have to replace a lot of the plants and flowers.

    I have enjoyed all your gardens, flowers and plants this spring and summer.

  3. Whew! All that hard work makes me glad I live here where all the plants happily live outdoors all year long!
    We do get heavy frosts and freezes sometimes, but people here don't bring anything inside.
    Love idea of a Christmas tree in that sled. I'm not quite ready to think of Christmas yet, though!!

  4. Oh Zoey, you did work hard! I have started cleaning up the flower pots and need to finish that this week. Good idea to try and overwinter some plants...I have done that too and sometimes it works and if not ..oh well I tried!
    Love the sled and am looking forward to seeing a Christmas tree in it. It's not too early to think about Christmas..countdown will soon begin!

  5. Oh, the bucket of soapy water! I knew there was a step I missed when I brought my plants in.

  6. I didn't have much luck overwintering the purple fountain grass, but the geraniums, ivy, asparagus ferns and banana plant all did well. I have to get my rear in gear and get the plants in this weekend. We have not had a frost yet up here - amazing!

  7. Really Zoey, Persian Shield will winter over? I've been looking at mine wistfully and wishing I could keep it. Our basement is warm (about 65º). Is that good or bad? Perhaps I'll try wintering the PS over.
    I remember you mentioning not having good luck with Nemesia, and wanted to tell you that I grew 4 different colors and they all did well. Don't give up, try it again. It's gorgeous. Works well with ivy geraniums and ivy in a container. Also try diascia. It's a similar size. Very dainty.


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