Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A Few Fries Short of a Happy Meal

is what the guy must have been who tried to pass this million dollar bill to a cashier at a Pittsburgh supermarket this past Saturday.

Needless to say he spent the weekend in the PA slammer.

It takes all kinds...


  1. Hello dear Zoey...I'm playing catch up again!! lol Oh my, can you believe thinking he'd get away with trying to use that million dollar bill? lol I've still got dahlias flowering also which is hard to believe but we went through some above normal temps until just recently so I guess that's why they kept blooming. Look at all those beautiful quilts you made...you always make me wish I knew how to quilt:-) Oh Zoey, I just love your table setting using the peach lustre dishes and the animal print tablecloth...gorgeous!! Love all the little extras you added to the table as well. xox

  2. We're not all the lame here in Pennsylvania...but you did say Pittsburgh...just kidding. : )

  3. What people don't try..definitely short "some fries".

    Thinking of your last post about dahlias, I didn't plant any this year but now that I see them on your blog and how pretty they are I will plant next year for sure.
    I have "autumn joy" sedum, Indian summer and cosmos still blooming..oh yeah, and some marigolds and petunias. The morning glorys are still blooming although their foliage is dried up.

  4. Crazy about that bill!!! Your dahlias are so pretty. I`d like to plant some next year. It`s finally fall weather here...unfortunately. We were having the same hot weather and my delphiniums were reblooming.
    Love your table-setting!!!



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