Sunday, February 4, 2007

Hmmm.....the Battery is Still Working

I wonder if I just did not have the photo program opened and that is why it would not download? How embarrassing would that be for me?

I was in the mood for some mindless sewing today.
I made a bunch of these little 3-inch blocks to use up some of the scraps I've been accumulating.
I have a vague idea of using them as centers for log cabin blocks in fall colors.

I made all of these while watching Father of the Bride I and II.
I've always enjoyed Steve Martin movies and Diane Keation is my favorite actress.

Remember Franck ?
He was the decorator who talked like this: "Hello! Who you? Get 'avay'! I don't like 'vat' you say!" He was so funny.

I made a big pot of chili earlier today and now I am going to put some garic/cheese bread in the oven.

I bet 50% of the nation is having chili today while watching the big game.


  1. Father of the Bride I and II are some of my favs also.
    We're having soup, not chili, but that does sound good!

  2. Homemade mac and cheese here. :o)

    Didn't get to post earlier...I LOVE the snowman blocks!

  3. We had soup too...there's somethimg about having soup when the temp is only 5 degrees outside!

  4. Oh Diane and Steve-two of the best! In her new movie she actually plays someone her true age of 60! Oh-la-dee-da! ; ) I liked Annie Hall a lot.
    And the wedding planner-that was Martin Short. : ) The daughter in the movie-Kimberly Williams Paisley, is about to have her 1st baby in real life.
    Great work on your quilt squares! I was crocheting a string shopping bag, but ran out of string! Think I can spring for another $1 ball of it? ; )

  5. I loved the movie and ~FrannK~ if only we could all own a ~FRANNK~ he was so hillarious! I watched this movie just before my own daughter was married.
    I was NOT watching the game but the ~*geese in my field at halftime*~ come see!

  6. I like your snowman quilt. It is coming out great. Are you going handquilt this one?

  7. I've always loved watching Steve Martin and Martin Short's movies!! They are just so funny! I didn't watch the Super Bowl game...since the boys have moved out, football is never watched at my house anymore! lol

  8. No chili. 40 lbs of wings and two hours frying them. My kitchen was such a mess!!!
    I don't know how you can do your sewing things while you watch a movie! Don't you make mistakes!?
    Stay warm!

  9. mmmmmmmmmm...chili. Those pieces sure would make a nice fall colour quilt. I love that little fan pattern on your nail!


  10. You rock! You inspire! You get me going girl!
    Thanks for sharing your projects... I love your stuff, as always!


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